December 3, 2019

Claynook Tops GPA-LPI Heifers under 9 months

Three Renegade heifers from Holstein Plaza Member, Claynook Farms took the top three spots on the list of Top GPA-LPI Heifers under the age of 9 months. Claynook Chris Renegade, a renegade daughter backed by Regancrest Juror Brina, scores +3894 GPA-LPI. 

1. Claynook Chris Renegade +3894 LPI

2. Claynook Fareena Renegade +3823 LPI

3. Claynook Checkers Renegade +3737 LPI

4. Progenesis Robert Milo +3730 LPI

5. Claynook Calee DiscJockey +3724 LPI


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