December 6, 2016

Claynook breeds #2 Young Sire in Canada

Claynook C-Suite takes the #2 spot in the Canadian Young Srie LPI lists. This young altaSpring son is backed by a great line of the Chassity family! While Woodcrest Def Manhattan bred by Woodcrest Dairy has 3 sons in the Top 5!

  1. Progenesis Cranberry GPA-LPI+3573
  2. Claynook C-Suite GPA-LPI+3535
  3. Plain-Knoll King Royal GPA-LPI+3524
  4. Progenesis Dockside GPA-LPI+3507
  5. Progenesis Seducer GPA-LPI+3506

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25.

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