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Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica

 Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica EX-90 93-MS 
Registration No.


Date of Birth

March 4, 2010

Classification Score

EX-90-CAN 93-MS

Production Records

1-11 2x 337d 24,090lbM 3.5% 831F 3.1% 743P

3-00 2x 365d 28,393lbM 3.5% 994F 3.0% 860P


Scored EX-90 93-MS in her 3rd lactation

Only Ex daughter of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry, next dam ATLEE!

Dam is the maternal sister to ATWOOD and full sister to AFTERSHOCK

Her Goldwyn daughter sold for $ 25,000 in the Island Heat Wave Summer Sale 2013

Already 4 VG daughters from 4 different sires

Watch for her Goldwyn and Gold Chip daughters at the upcoming shows

Daughters With Genomic Results

(D.O.B. June 2014)
US 08/15 GTPI +1765 / PTAT +2.01
Sire: Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP

Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ 134422312
Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET 65249841
2-03 2x 365d 30,258lbM 3.7% 1,091F 3.1% 948P
Full sister to AFTERSHOCK @ ABS
Maternal sister to Atwood, Golden Dreams, Delete & more
Maternal sister to Ms Atlees Ariel EX-92-USA - Res. All-American Jr. 2-Yr. Old '09
Dam to Mr Aubrey Attorney @ ABS (s. Gold Chip)
Picston SHOTTLE 598172
MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET 131704103
Excellent-92 GMD DOM
3-11 2x 365d 38,389lbM 5.5% 2,090F 3.3% 1,250P
2-08 2x 365d 32,520lbM 4.2% 1,400F 3.3% 1,074P
All-American Sr. 3-Year-Old 2005
1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, Grand International 2005
Res Intermediate Champion, WDE 2005
Extended Pedigree

3rd Dam: MD-Delight Strm Amberlee VG-88-USA 3yr. DOM

2-02 365d 26,170lbM 3.8% 969F 3.2% 835P

4th Dam: MS Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET EX-94 EEEEE 2E DOM

3-05 2x 310d 30,180lbM 4.0% 1,209F 3.6% 1,077P
6-04 2x 365d 28,820lbM 4.1% 1,191F 3.5% 1,013P
4-05 2x 324d 24,250lbM 3.8% 933F 3.7% 892P
Life: 1382d 100,760lbM 4.0% 4010 3.6% 3,649P
2 x Member All-American Produce
2 x All-American Nominee (Jr. 3-Yr. & 4-Yr.)
Grand dam of ATLEE --> dam to Atwood, Aftershock, Golden Dreams, Delete & more
Dam of 24 EXCELLENT offspring

5th Dam: Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94-USA 2E DOM 4*

2-06 2x 362d 25,000lbM 3.6% 908F 3.4% 844P
3-07 2x 365d 24,436lbM 3.7% 899F 3.4% 820P
5-06 2x 356d 30,056lbM 3.5% 1,043F 3.5% 829P
13-08 2x 365d 25,150lbM 3.0% 765F 3.3% 842P
All-American Sr. 3-Yr. 1990
HM All-American Sr. 2-Yr. 1989
Grand Champion Eastern Nat. 1990
Also dam to Shoremar S Alicia EX-97-USA

6th Dam: Aitkenbrae Sheik Arlene Good Plus-80-2YR-CAN

2-02 2x 304d 15,670lbM 4.2% 664F 3.6% 564P

7th Dam: Aitkenbrae Ned Ada

8th Dam: Aitkenbrae President Olla Ana