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Donors Offered by This Breeder

Passion Holstein
GP-81 / GTPI +2191
Regancrest-I Mac Destina
Passion Holstein
VG-87 / GTPI +1773
Regancrest-I Mika-ET
Passion Holstein

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - Jook Effect 9179 *RC *PO
December 9, 2015
+2543G *PO in Destination Vegas

Selling in the Destination Vegas Sale as Lot 24 is Passion-DF PWB Jazzy P-ET *PO with a GTPI of +2543 and +691NM$. New photo of her dam, Jook Effect 9179 *PO *RC.

Click to enlarge - Passion Monterey Jonna P *RC
September 17, 2015
+2404G *RC Flush-Age Polled sells Cormdale Legacy Sale!

Selling on Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Cormdale Legacy Sale is the flush-age *RC, polled Monterey daughter, Passion Monterey Jonna *PO *RC. Jonna is one of the highest GTPI and GLPI polled flush-age heifer in the breed and sells with embryo interest. Outcross, no Earnhardt or Powerball.

Click to enlarge - Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica EX-90 93-MS
July 29, 2015
Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica now EX-90 93-MS!

Recenlty Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica was re-scored and she is now Excellent-90-CAN 93-MS! Angelica is the Sanchez daughter of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET EX-93-CAN DOM, who is the full sister to Aftershock and the maternal sister to Atwood! Angelica was also repictured.

Click to enlarge - Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica VG-88-3YR | Her Fresh Goldwyn daughter and choice of Gold Chip daughters sells
April 13, 2015
Exciting consignments from Passion Holsteins

Passion Holsteins offers two exciting consignments from the Atlee family to the Vente Nationale. Sellign as Lot 34A is a November 2014 Fresh Goldwyn daughter that scores VG-2YR from Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica and selling as lot 34B is a choice of Gold Chip heifers from Angelica. Both Gold Chip heifers have exteremly high Conformation numbers! 

Click to enlarge -
October 29, 2014
Selling on the Supreme Sale

Two SHOW offerings from the Atlees sell on November 6 at the Vente Supreme Sale. Build your herd from this unique branch of the Atlees, selling is a June 2014 Goldwyn and June 2014 Gold Chip from the VG-88 Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica. Fantastic mating, tremendous cow family and these two heifers are entered in the show!

Click to enlarge - Jook Effect P 9179 *RC | Her 1st Choice Supershot sells at the International Intrigue as lot 77
July 24, 2014
1st Choice from Jook Effect P selling at Intrigue

Passion Holsteins sells and exciting 1st Choice Supershot from Jook Effect P 9179, she is one of the highest outcross POLLED females in the world with no Planet, Mogul, Oman or Goldwyn in the pedigree. 9179 is the #3 Polled RC flush age Female in the breed and Special Effect granddaughter of Ramo 1200! The 1st Choice Supershot sells as lot 77 in the International Intrigue, July 26th.

Click to enlarge - Dam of lot 44: Jook Effect P 9179
April 29, 2014
First Choice Polled Kingboy or Monterey sells

A great consignment from Passion Holsteins to Day at the Derby Sale is an early First Choice Female from seven female transfers by Kingboy and 10 female transfers by Monterey from one of the highest outcross polled heifers worldwide for GTPI, GLPI, NM$ and Type. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Jook Effect P 9179
March 25, 2014
Donor Update of Passion Holsteins

The donor section of Passion Holsteins has been updated with a very exciting new donor. She is one of the highest Outcross Polled Heifers Worldwide.

Click to enlarge - Passion Ladd Darquise P *RC
August 5, 2013
Tango embryos from Polled Raven

At the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction three #1 grade Tango embryos from Passion Ladd Darquise-P *RC are selling. She is a *RC Ladd-P daughter from Regancrest-I Mac Destina a Mac daughter from the full sister of the proven bulls Danillo and Diplomat *RC. The pedigree goes back to one of the best greatest brood cows in Holstein history Markwell B'star Raven. Darquise is a fancy young heifer and one of the highest Polled flush age animals in Canada. She has an outstanding fitness/health index scoring 2.59 SCS +4.9PL & +2.1DPR combined with GTPI+2075 and 2.48T she is a great source for Polled genetics combined with the high genomic youngsire Tango the PA-GTPI of the embryos are +2255GTPI & +2.82T plus a great outcross pedigree with *RC potential. 

  • Lot 5 Tango x Passion Ladd Darquise-P
Click to enlarge - Regancrest-I Mac Destina VG-85-2YR-CAN
May 9, 2013
New #1 Day daughter

Duggeynial Day Detente is the new #1 Day daughter with a DGV-LPI of +3665 and +26 for type. Dam is a just fresh Bookem followed by Regancrest-I Mac Destina!

Click to enlarge -
April 6, 2013
Two FANTASTIC Angelica daughters to sell!

Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica was fresh March 15 with her second calf and looks fantastic. The tremendous Sanchez daughter of Shottle Aubry she will be a competitor in the Junior 3-Year-Old class. Here is your chance to buy into this fantastic Atlee branch. Click here for larger view of the Angelica Opportunities Advertisements.

  • Taste of Ontario Sale: April 10, 2013 - Passion Goldwyn Angeline, Senior Heifer Calf for 2013 by Goldwyn with style and a future Atlee All-Star!
  • Vente Expo-Poc: April 13, 2013 - Passion Angel, Show, index, Sudan x Angelica ready to flush
Click to enlarge - Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica VG-85-2YR-CAN
August 20, 2012
New Photo of Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica

New photo of Allyndale-i Sanchez Angelica, the first VG daughter of Ms Atlees Shottle Aubrey and scored VG-85-2YR-CAN and 86-MS. Angelica calved at 23 months and is projecting 11,000 kgs milk. She is already in calf to calve for the spring shows in 2013 + start a new flushing schedule. Angelica is on her way to be a future brood cow as her progeny are fancy and looking superb!

Click to enlarge - Passion Freddie Moka
July 23, 2011
New photo of Passion Freddie Moka

Passion Freddie Moka, the only daughter of Regancrest-I Mika VG-87-2YR and from the Durham Bliss family. Moka sells on July 30th in the International Intrigue Sale.

Click to enlarge - Regancrest-I Mika-ET VG-87-2YR-CAN
April 3, 2011
New Photo of Regancrest-I Mika VG-87-2YR-CAN

Regancrest-I Mika recently scored VG-87-2YR-CAN at just 82 days fresh. Mika is a 10th generation VG or EX from the Barbies!

Click to enlarge - Regancrest-I Mika-ET VG-87-2YR-CAN
March 11, 2011
Regancrest-I Mika-ET is VG-87-2YR-CAN

Passion Holsteins is excited to announce that Regancrest-I Mika-ET scored VG-87-2YR-CAN just 82 days fresh and calved at 24 months. Her breakdown is 87-udder, 88-rump, 86-feet, 86-dairy strength and will be pictured soon! Mika is a Mac from the Barbie family... click here for more information!

Click to enlarge - Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88-2Y EX-MS
August 23, 2010
Dam of Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica-ET scores VG-88 (EX-MS)

Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET, the only Shottle daughter in the world out of Atlee herself, just scored VG-88 with an EX-MS as a 2 year-old! Aubry is the dam of featured donor Allyndale-I Sanchez Angelica-ET who is owned by Holstein Plaza member, Passion Holstein of Quebec. Check out Passion Holstein's page here on Holstein Plaza for more information on this outstanding family!