March 8, 2017

Willows-Edge classifies!

Ms Jacobs Sanchez Janna EX-93 | Her first two Goldsun daughters scored EX-90 @ 3-03

Willows-Edge is proud to announce great classification results. 

  • 13 New Very Good 1st Lactation Cows
  • 7 1st Lactation cows raised their score to higher Very Good
  • 8 New Excellents

Highlights include:

  • Willows-Edge Shottle FREON EX-93 (Shottle x Willwos-Edge Out Freckle EX-92 3E GMD DOM, Shottle sister to FLICKER)
  • Sunnyside MYSTIC Atwood Max-Score EX-92 (Atwood x EX-91 Finest x Mayerlane-DK My Maria EX-92 GMD x full sister to Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence)
  • Willows-Edge Dem LIBERTY EX-91 2nd Lactation (Dempsey x EX-91 Advent x EX-93 2E Lee x EX-91 2E x EX-90 x EX-92 x Willows-Edge Stardust Lynn EX-94 2E)
  • Willows-Edge Gold JOSTLE EX-90 @ 3-03 (Goldsun x Ms Jacos Sanchez Janna EX-93 x Valleyville Lheros Jenn)
  • Willows-Edge Gold JOVIAL EX-90 @ 3-03 (Goldsun x Ms Jacos Sanchez Janna EX-93 x Valleyville Lheros Jenn)
  • Willows-Edge Atwood BELIEVE VG-89 @ 2-11 (Atwood x VG-86 Sanchez x Ms Dukett Durham Beauty EX-91 x Cobequid Spumantes Beaute EX-96 3E 9*)

All the cows listed above will sell in the Willows Edge Dispersal Sale on March 18th. 

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