October 12, 2017

Unique, High Component and complete Alltime SELLS

Pen-Col Robust Harp-ET VG-87 DOM | Her exciting +2712 Alltime SELLS!

Looking to make that next generation of Chart-Topping males and females? Take a look at Lot 10, this +2712G Alltime daughter has a tremendous built up of her index. High Components (+.18%Fat and +.10% Protein), great SCS (2.69), low Sire Calving Ease (6.4%) and over 2 points on Udders and Feet and Legs. She is ready to flush or IVF and would be a great mating for all the high sons by Jedi, Modesty and Jett! Don't miss out on this exciting heifer with nearly unlimited mating possibilities! The Alltime daughter is backed by an already VG-87 Kingboy that goes back to the Screaming-Vis-R Heaven family!