October 10, 2018

Two high BRENNAN daughters...

End-Road Bronco Meadow VG-87
End-Road Bronco Meadow VG-87
SELLS: LOT 20 - Stunning-A Brennan Macy
SELLS: LOT 18 - Stunning-A Brennan Micky

Two EXCITING Brennan daughters sell backed by a deep pedigree that has had success with bulls heading to AI studs! Lot 18 scores a +2733 GTPI combined with good production (+1494 PTA Milk, +57 Protein), health traits (SCS 2.68, DPR+2.6) and type (PTA Type +2.11, UDC +2.16 and FLC +1.51) and a very interesting sire stack: Brennan x Jett x Robust x Bronco x Shottle x Finley! Lot 20 is a +2713G Brennan daughter that also scores +1020 DWP$...

LOT 18 --> Stunning-A Brennan Micky

LOT 20 --> Stunning-A Brennan Macy