October 11, 2018

Top-Ranking daughters by Tarrino, Pizazz and Thonmaker SELL!


Don't miss them out... Selling are some of the highest ranking, available and EARLY daughters of THONMAKER, PIZAZZ and TARRINO! All over 2800 GTPI, very balanced proofs and backed by some of the top cowfamilies in the BREED!

  • Lot 1 TRAMILDA STUNNING HAZELNUT - #4 GTPI Thonmaker daughter in the breed and one that checks all the boxes. Almost +1700 PTA Milk, DPR+3.3, PL+6.5, SCE 6,9% combined with more than 2 points UDC and FLC and backed by a tremendous cow family, Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846! 2nd Dam is a maternal sister to MONTEREY and POWERBALL!
  • Lot 2 JERESA PIZAZZ PIZZA - One of the highest Pizazz daughters in the breed and one of the ONLY 4 heifers in the breed to combine: Production (>1600 PTA Milk, >80 PTA Fat, +6 PTA Protein), Type >2.90T & DPR >+2.0 and SCE <7.5%... And possibly the ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Unique sire stack back to Keystone Tesk Pearl EX-92!
  • Lot 3 SPEEK-NJ TARRINO SYNERGY - +2850 GTPI Tarrino daughter with a very exciting proof... Production, Health Traits, well balanced type all in one package! A maternal sister to the dam was the dam of the top-seller at the National Convention Sale 2018, who sold for $91,000! Backed by a tremendous line of the SPLENDORS!