April 3, 2019

Top 50 Heifers in the U.S. (9-24 months old)

Moving up to the No. 1 spot for the Top Heifers in the U.S. nine to 24 months of age following the April run is Bomaz Robson 49-ET with +2923 GTPI.


1. Bomaz Robson 49 (Altarobson x Yoder x Altaembassy) +2923 GTPI

2. Peak Emeral (Altarobson x Denver 1426 x Balisto) +2920 GTPI

3. Peak Marge (Duke x Rubicon x Ransom) + 2914 GTPI

4. Miss Priss (Yoda x Modesty x Kingboy) +2908 GTPI

5. Elm-J Dinalee (Dynasty x Josuper x Mogul) +2903GTPI


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