August 10, 2017

Top 50 GTPI Heifers in the U.S (9-24 months old)

The Top 50 GTPI flush-age females has been posted. Sandy-Valley Highlight GTPI+3033 claims the #1 spot! 

  1. SANDY-VALLEY HIGHLIGHT-ET Modesty x Montross x Numero Uno GTPI+3033
  2. LEANINGHOUSE MDSTY 22575-ET Modesty x Silver x Supersire GTPI+2974
  3. LEANINGHOUSE JEDI 22468-ET Jedi x Tatum x Gabor GTPI+2957
  4. AURORA POLARIS Jedi x Bombero x Mayfield GTPI+2938
  5. ST GEN 77758-ET Modesty x Mogul x Superstition GTPI+2924