July 2, 2019

Top 25 NEW Genomic Females in the U.S.

The Top New Genomic tested females for July 2019 have been released by Holstein Association USA and topping the list at +2996 GTPI is GENOSOURCE JOURNEY 45191-ET (Dedicate x Dynamo x Silver) from Holstein Plaza member, Genosource. At No. 2 is 840003205638777-ET scoring +2995 GTPI.

1. GENOSOURCE JOURNEY 45191-ET (Dedicate x Dynamo x Silver) GTPI +2996

2. 840003205638777-ET (Legacy x Delta-Worth x Yoder) GTPI +2995

3. CHERRYPENCOL LINDY-ET (Legacy x Jedi x Commander) GTPI +2979

4. PEAK ELVT LWSON 4301-ET (AltaLawson x AltaRobson x Denver) GTPI +2973

5. TJR NASHVILLE VICKY 45221-ET (Nashville x Delta-Worth x Supershot) GTPI +2959

Learn more about GenoSource - view their Holstein Plaza profile
To contact GenoSource, click here or use the following contact information

2188 78th Street
Blairstown, Iowa 52209
United States

Phone: +1 563-451-5866
Web Site: http://www.genosource.com
Email: timrauen@genosource.com