June 20, 2019


Comfort Modesty Freespirit
Comfort Modesty Freespirit
Ri-Val-Re Traci
Ronelee Jedi Diana
OCD McCutch Fast Company

Featured in this week’s auction are several lots from the high indexing Fustead S-S-I SOLUTION. From high Milk, GTPI, and Net Merit, Solution is making the great ones! A variety of high pedigreed donors including ones with high Net Merit, high RZG, and A2A2! VIEW AUCTION

Lot 1: SEXED SOLUTION x Progenesis Slamd Maidstone

Lot 4: SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith

Lot 9: SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Traci Smuri 20701

Lot 14: IVF SEXED SOLUTION x G-Deruyter Samuri 51646

Lot 21: SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Fastlane HTLN 60919