June 14, 2016

Siemers reports great classification day!

Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94 | Her GTPI+2403 Shan daughter scores VG-88-1st Lactation!

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day, less than three months after their last classification with 26 new Excellent cows (All homebred), bringing herd total to 183 Excellent, 51 new Very Good 2 year olds (50 homebred), bringing VG 2 year old total to 153.

Hightlights Include:

SIEMERS DEFNT JUBI-BABE-ET @2-09 EX-91 EEEEE (Defiant x EX-92 Fradon Redman Jubilee - 2nd Calf Sr. 2 for 2016)

  • Sister to Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET Grand Champion 2015 WI RW State Show & Intermediate of the WI State Championship Show.

QUALITY TANGO PARIS VG-86 VG-MS +2484GTPI (Tango x VG-87 Facebook)

  • Dam of Denver @2765G, Denver @2758G, Marty @2687G, Jedi son @2679G 84P

SIEMERS GOLDWYN GALA-ET EX-93 93-MS (Goldwyn x VG-88 Damion from the “Glam” Family)

SIEMERS AFTER TANA-GAL-ET EX-93 92-MS (Aftershock x EX-94 Outside Tana)


SIEMERS HERO TANAS-BABE-ET (1 Lact) VG-88 (Hero x EX-94 Outside Tana)

SIEMERS SHAN BOMBIANNA-ET (1 Lact) VG-88 +2403GTPI (ManOShan x Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94)

SIEMERS BRKW WHIPCREAM-ET (1 Lact) VG-88 (Brokaw x EX-94 Sanchez Whip x EX-93 Goldwyn x EX-95 Outside Wish)

  • 3.73GPTAT


Herd Facts and Figures:
1,016 Total Very Good and Excellent cows
RHA 2727 cows 38254 3.7 1411 3.0 1154

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