November 24, 2017

Siemers Holsteins Classification

Siemers Holsteins has recently classified with some fantastic results. Including 21 new excellent cows and 52 new very-good 2-yr olds were scored. Below are some more highlights:

The excellents include: 

  • SIEMERS MERIDIAN BOMBI-ET EX-93 @4-11 (Meridian x EX-94 Shottle Bombi)
  • SIEMERS DMAN FROSTLANE-ET EX-90 (Doorman x EX-94 Atwood x EX-97 Harvue Roy Frosty) ~ +3.88T Byway Daughter in our flush program
  • SIEMERS OLYN APPLELINI-ET EX-90 (Olympian x EX-91 Siemers Mogul Apple-Star x EX Shottle) ~ Brothers in AI: Agent-Red, Apple-Crisp *RC, Army *RC, Overwing *RC

Highlighting 2-YR-OLDS:

  • SIEMERS DELTA S-ROZZANN-ET VG-85 @2-03 (+2740G Delta x VG-85 Supersire x EX-93 Windbrook) ~ 4 Daughters over +2800G
  • SIEMERS D-MAN LADY-WHIP-ET VG-85 @2-02 (Doorman x EX Sid x EX Sanchez) ~ Selling +3.82T+18Conf. Callen daughter in the Nashville Sale Dec. 11th
  • SIEMERS MONTEREY HANAN-ET VG-85 @2-02 (Monterey x EX-92 94-MS Mogul Hanker x VG-88 MOM Halo) ~ Dam of the #2 PTAT Heifer in the breed at +4.65T & 2683G
  • SIEMERS RUBICON M-ROZ-C-ET VG-85 @2-02 (+2705G Rubicon x EX-91 McCutch Roz x EX MOM Roz)
  • MS FARNEAR TRUDY THYME-ET VG-86 @2-11 (+2757G Delta x VG-85 Uno x VG-85 Observer)
  • SIEMERS DELTA S-ROZ-ANN-ET GP-83 @2-04 (+2811G Delta x VG-85 Supersire x EX-93 Windbrook) ~ 5 Daughters over +2800G

Congrats to Siemers Holsteins on a successfull classification day! 

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