December 5, 2019

Siemers Holsteins breeds Top PTAT Heifer

Holstein Plaza Member, Siemers Holsteins bred and sold the #1 PTAT Heifer, Siemers SRG Apple 30689, with +4.73 PTAT. Apple 30689 is backed by Apple-Red and Altitude. A 0.06 point different separates the No. 2 heifer, Terralindarf Undn Cuddle, with +4.67 PTAT.

1. Siemers ARG Apple 30689 +4.73 PTAT

2. Terralindarf Undn Cuddle +4.67 PTAT

3. Kress-Hill Sundream-Red +4.67 PTAT

4. Garden-State UND Florist +4.65 PTAT

5. Ms Skykomish Undnied Cherry +4.62 PTAT



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Siemers Holsteins
14421 Mineral Springs Road
Newton, Wisconsin 53063
United States

Phone: +1 920-693-3600
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