December 8, 2020

Show Winning Potential

Multiple offerings with show winning potential are available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. This auction ends this Thursday, December 10th at 4 PM EST.


SEXED DELTA-LAMBDA x Bonita - SEXED DELTA-LAMBDA (+2.61PTAT +2.77UDC +0.90FLC) embryos from the beautiful, fresh Sid daughter to Butz-Butler Gold Barbara. Barbara was the 2019 Grand Champion Holstein at WDE. An elite show type offering backed by a deep pedigree cow family. 


IVF SEXED ALTITUDE-RED x Bliss RC - IVF SEXED ALTITUDE-RED (+2.84PTAT +2.31UDC +1.56FLC) embryos from the beautiful Goldwyn daughter who goes back to Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian female, EX-95 Rainyridge Talent Barbara. 


SEXED SOLOMON x Parfait - SEXED SOLOMON (+2.59PTAT +1.72UDC +0.43FLC) embryos from EX-94 Atwood daughter, Windy-Knoll-View Parfait. She was Reserve Grand Champion at the New York International Spring Show in 2015 and is a 2x nominated All-American in milking form! Parfait scores +2.33 PTAT and +1.40 UDC, with positive teat length, and a great FLC at +1.03. 


SEXED WARRIOR-RED x Autumn RC - SEXED WARRIOR-RED (+3.39PTAT +2.18UDC +1.57FLC) embryos from the red carrier daughter by Undenied direct from EX-96 Apple-Red. Autumn RC is backed by 7+ Excellent dams including 2 at EX-96 and 4 more over EX-93. These embryos have the potential to be over +3.00PTAT and over +2.00UDC! 


SEXED UNIX x Gold Rush - SEXED UNIX (+2.40PTAT +2.40UDC SCE+1.7%) embryos from the Avalanche granddaughter to EX-96 LEONA.