April 5, 2019

SELLING TODAY from Jedi Jangle

Lot 42: Midas-Touch Hum Joely
Lot 42: Midas-Touch Hum Joely
Lot 54: Midas-Touch Fab Jamboree

Selling TODAY, Friday, April 5 at 1:00 p.m. (EST) in Syracuse, New York in the New York Spring Select Sale are two tremendous sisters from Res All-Canadian and HM All-American Junior Two-Year-Old 2018, Midas-Touch Jedi Jangle. INDEX and TYPE... selling as Lot 42 is Midas-Touch Hum Joely ready to flush with a solid index, lots of production and great type. Lot 54 also sells ready to flush sired by Fabio and also carries a solid index with good production, great health traits and +2.64T. BID LAST on these two incredible heifers from JANGLE and the Shaunas! VIEW CATALOG

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Midas Touch Genetics
69 Halfway House Rd.
Waddington, New York 13694
United States

Phone: 315-322-4162/Cell: 315-212-0032
Web Site: http://www.midastouchgenetics.com/
Email: Davidking4444@gmail.com