July 23, 2020

Positive DPR Donors!

Listed on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several offerings from donors with great productive life numbers.


Lot 5: IVF SEXED MUSCLE UP x Bru-Dale Brass Zelda - Donor scores over +6.0PL

Lot 7: SEXED GRIFF x TTM Huey Enchilada - Donors scores +6.0PL

Lot 1: BULK HIGH GTPI EMBRYO OFFERING - Several donors in this package score over +5.0PL

Lot 8: SEXED MILLENIAL x TTM Renegade Bandit - Donor scores +5.0PL

Lot 15: IMAX x Bomaz Jedi 7412 - Donor scores +5.0PL

Lot 16: FORTNITE x Bomaz Crimson 9031 - Donor scores +5.0PL


Several other offerings are available from donors with over +4.0PL.