May 9, 2019

PLATINUM: Star of the Breed

Each year the Holstein Association awards the title of Star of the Breed to a Registered Holstein cow that combines outstanding production and exceptional type. This year’s Star of the Breed is bred and owned by Holstein Plaza member, Triple-T Holsteins! 

T-Triple-T Platinum-ET has proven herself to be a powerhouse in the parlor while also being successful in the show ring. During her last lactation with twice-daily milking, Platinum produced 46,830 pounds of milk, with 3,049 pounds of fat and 1,471 pounds of protein. During that lactation, she was selected as the 1st Six-Year-Old & Older cow at the 2018 Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show and the 5th 150,000 Lb. Lifetime Milk Production cow at the 2018 International Holstein Show. 

In order to be eligible for this award, a cow must place in the top five in her class at a National Holstein Show, be in a herd enrolled in the TriStar program and have an official classification score. It is a true honor to breed, own and show the Star of the Breed! 

Congratulations, T-Triple-T Holsteins! 


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