January 11, 2020

Offerings by MOOVIN RC

Several offerings on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction include embryos sired by one of the hottest type bulls on the market today, Lindenright MOOVIN RC. Find the perfect mating for your program.

Lot 2 includes Moovin RC embryos from the high genomic type female scoring +4.40PTAT. Relentless is the full sister to the #1 PTAT bull at St. Jacobs, 94HO19431 VICTOR. VIEW OFFERING

Moovin RC embryos from a high fat, high type donor from the Unlimited family are available in Lot 4. Misconduct is another female with a great PTAT at +4.10. VIEW OFFERING

Embryos from the HM Intermediate Champion of the WDE Jr Show, Southern-Hills Okalbr Trix, sell as Lot 5. Trix is scored EX-93 and is ready to make the show heifer of your dreams. VIEW OFFERING

Lot 9 includes Moovin RC embryos from the cow who has proven to make the All-American kind. Bid last on these embryos from Tri-Vision Amelia-Red and make a sister to Junior Champion of World Dairy Expo, ANNIE-RED. VIEW OFFERING