May 11, 2018

Mercuro Classification Highlights

A successful classification day at Mercuro Farms. Some highlights are View-Home Sweet Pea VG-85 86-MS. Sweet Pea is a Josuper x Mccutchen back to Rudy Missy! Another highlight is Vogue Silver Bikini now VG-85 87-MS. Incredible maternal line of the Bombi's, going back to Braedale Gypsy Grand! Lastly, Ms Dg Delta Bridgett *RC is now VG-85, same cow family as Talent BARBARA! 

  • No-Fla 34308 VG-85 86-MS (Jedi x Supersire) 10 days fresh! 
  • Lightningridge-RB Blair VG-85 87-MS (Supershot x Calbrett Uno Baby Girl) 
  • C-Haven Draco Vilma VG-85 86-MS (Draco x Mogul)
  • Arethusa Doorman Audible VG-86 86-MS (Doorman x Golwyn x Stormatic x Tri-Day Ashlyn) 
  • Ms-Dg-Tm Dozer Bristol VG-87 86-MS (Dozer x Supersire x Superstition x Talent Barbara) 
  • Ms Doorman Loyal VG-87 87-MS (Doorman x Lauthority Libye x Talent Licorice) 
  • Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 13346 VG-87 87-MS (Monterey x Mogul x Domain) ARISTOCRAT'S DAM!
  • Ty-D Doorman Malaysia VG-87 87-MS (Doorman x Bonaccueil Maya) 
  • Jacobs Doorman Brit VG-88 EX-MS (Doorman x Jacobs Goldwyn Britany 
  • Ms Apple Anzlee EX-90 92-MS (Atwood x Apple) 
  • Vision-Gen Sonic Wonder EX-92-2E 

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