April 8, 2021

King Doc Daughters Dominate List of PTAT Cows

Four King Doc daughters top the list of High Ranking PTAT Cows scored GP-80 or higher. Jimtown KD Narcisa VG-86 tops the list with +4.03PTAT. Narcisa is owned by James Hackmann and backed by Roland Nita Merv Natasha EX-92 GMD DOM. Rounding out the top 5 females are:

2. Siemers Doc Hanan 28286 EX-90 +4.00PTAT

3. Hilrose Doc Pacific VG-87 +3.97PTAT

4. Agresti Doc Dymond VG-87 +3.89PTAT

5. Lima Undenied Beauty VG-88 +3.88PTAT