January 13, 2020

HUGE Parental Averages of PTAT

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction features multiple offerings with PTAT Parental Averages OVER +4.00!

Lot 2 includes SEXED MOOVIN RC embryos from the granddaughter of EX-92 Our-Favorite Unlimited, Our-Favorite Relentless. These embryos have a tremendous PA PTAT of +4.33. VIEW OFFEING

Lot 3 includes non-sexed IVF SELECT embryos from another granddaughter to Unlimited. A great offering to make the next high type bull! These embryos have the potential to be over +4.00 PTAT. VIEW OFFERING

Lot 4 is another offering from Our-Favorite Misconduct, which includes IVF SEXED MOOVIN RC embryos. A great opportunity to make the next high female with a PA PTAT of nearly +4.40! VIEW OFFERING