October 10, 2017

High PTA-Type, great pedigree heifers SELL!

Larcrest Crimson EX-94 96-MS GMD DOM

Looking for high PTA-Type heifers? Heifers to add to your program that could sell embryos, make the next generation on your farm that are backed by big pedigrees? The Online Heifer Sale has them available! Three out of the 4 lots over 3.00 PTA Type are backed by EX-94 dams with many generations of Excellents in the pedigree! High PTA Type heifers are selling from the lines that produced high scoring cows as Crimson, Asia, Atlanta, Elegance, Amber and many more! Several are almost ready to work, take them home and start making an immediate return on investment! 

  • Lot 5 Larcrest Copyright +3.76T | Elite PTA TYPE offering from the Lacrest Cosmopolitans! Dam is an already scored VG-87 Doorman sister to the popular high PTA Type sire Kenosha at Select Sires!
  • Lot 6 Bert-Mar Doorman Amore *RC +3.48T | Red Carrier, +3.48T, Doorman sister to the popular bulls AWESOME-RED & ADONIS-RED SELLS! Backed by the well-known Advent daughter and tremendous brood cow ASIA! Don't miss your opportunity to buy into this amazing family.
  • Lot 12 Stunning-M Solomon Ella +3.06T | SHOW-TIME! Over 3 Points on PTA Type, backed by a tremendous pedigree! Dam Eware EX-94 95-MS will show as a 4-Yr-Old on the colored shavings!
  • Lot 14 Brigeen Byway Angel +3.56T | PTA Type+3.56, almost ready to work and a fabulous pedigree! Brigeen Byway Angel is the highest PTA Type daughter of Canyon-Breeze Gold Arian EX-94 95-MS 2E who is the 5th generation excellent from this tremendous cow family!