November 17, 2020

High Index IVF Offerings, Available NOW

Available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several IVF offerings from high indexing matings and cow families.


IVF SEXED FORTNITE x Cedarwal Morris Honeybee - Two #1 grade IVF SEXED FORTNITE (+2950GTPI +807NM$ +1392MILK) embryos from an AltaMorris daughter with +2839GTPI and +665NM$. Honeybee combines a POSITIVE teat length, +1.96PTAT. +2.80SCS, and a low 2.3% SCE. A great offering to create the next high ranking female!


IVF SEXED EIFLE x Cedarwal Rebel Celebrate - Seven #1 grade IVF SEXED EIFLE (+2844GTPI +715NM$ +98FAT) embryos from the beautiful Rebel daughter with +2757GTPI  and nearly +650NM$. Celebrate has NEGATIVE stature, +6.3PL, +2.92SCS, and +2.2DPR. Don't miss this great mating to make the next No. 1.


IVF SEXED FORTNITE x Speek-NJ Tarrino Social - One #1 and One #2 grade IVF SEXED FORTNITE (GTPI+2950 +807NM$ +1392MILK) embryos from a Tarrino daughter direct from VG-86 Susanna. Social has a high productive life, negative stature, +3.0 DPR, and a low calving ease. GREAT PEDIGREE with index.


IVF JAGGER x Cedarwal Rapid Riddle - Four #1 grade IVF JAGGER (+2688GTPI +3.68PTAT +2.78UDC +2.12FLC) embryos from the high indexing Rapid daughter with +2743GTPI and +636NM. Riddle has nearly +130 lbs of combined Fat and Protein, +3.7PL, and POSITIVE Rump Angle and Rear Leg Side View. A great combination of INDEX and TYPE.