May 24, 2021

High Genomic Type Offerings, Available NOW

Several high type offerings are available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. This auction is open for bidding until this Thursday, May 27th at 4 P.M. EST. Bidding will close using the popcorn bidding system. 


SEXED JAGGER x Kings-Ransom Unden Clever - embryos from the beautiful Undenied daughter of EX-95 Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo. Clever is scored VG-87 and combines +2.41PTAT, +1.26UDC and +1.17FLC.


IVF SEXED LATENITE-RED x Blacknchery KD Adalicia - embryos from the +3.70 PTAT King Doc daughter backed by a tremendous line of APPLES. Huge offering for HIGH PTAT APPLES!