February 28, 2019

Harvue Atwood Ginger now EX-95

Harvue Atwood Ginger now EX-95

Harvue Atwood Ginger is the newest EX-95 cow in the breed! Other highlights of the recent classification at Ducketts included two VG-88-2YR sisters, Duckett Crush Tampa VG-88 89-MS Duckett Doorman Tijuana VG-88 87-MS, who are a full and maternal sister to the popular type sire Tatoo @ Select Sires. The total for the included:

1st Lactation:

  • 3x VG-85
  • 6x VG-86
  • 6x VG-87
  • 6x VG-88
  • 1x VG-89

2nd Lactation and up:

  • 2x VG-88 
  • 5x EX-90
  • 7x EX-91
  • 4x EX-92
  • 3x EX-94
  • Duckett Atwood Ginger EX-95!


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