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 3rd Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Arabell VG-88-USA DOM 
Registration No.


Date of Birth

April 27, 2015


US 04/17 GTPI +2388 / NM $ 552 / PTAT +1.82 Details


Something Different... Octavian x Mayfield x Freddie

From the Marbellas!

Same family as proven bulls Magnus, Messiah and Althea

DE-SU 11756 OCTAVIAN-ET 71813342
GOLD-N-OAKS M ABBA2578-ET 71295305

De-Su D MAYFIELD 893-ET 69473980
Gold-N-Oaks Abella2263 69928710

2-07 332d 25,737lbM 4.5% 1,162F 3.1% 809P
Dam to the former #1 GTPI Headliner daughter World Wide
Dam to Fireflight @ ABS, #3 GTPI Headliner son (8/15)
Extended Pedigree

3rd Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Arabell 1765-ET *BY VG-88 VVVVV DOM

2-00 2x 365d 28,680lbM 4.4% 1,261F 3.1% 897P
Heavily contracted for embryos and bulls worldwide!
Dam to Gold-N-Oas Althea (s. Freddie) @ ABS

4th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks S Marbella-ET VG-89-2YR-USA GMD DOM 2*

2-00 2x 365d 31,580lbM 4.2% 1,321F 3.0% 948P

5th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Morty Malibu-ET EX-94-USA EX-MS 2E

1-11 2x 365d 31,260lbM 4.5% 1,420F 3.0% 930P
4-05 2x 332d 26,230lbM 4.5% 1,190F 2.9% 759P

6th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Marshl Cinda VG-87-USA GMD DOM

3.06 365d 42,038lbM 4.1% 1,722F 3.3% 1,387P

7th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Bosco Cinnamon EX-92-USA 2E GMD DOM

5,03 350d 41,636lbM 4.8% 1,997F 3.0% 1,248P

8th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Duster Cindy VG-88-USA GMD DOM

3,03 365d 41,786lbM 4.3% 1,797F 3.1% 1,294P

9th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Melwood Cinder VG-89-USA GMD

3,02 365d 37,168lbM 3.4% 1,263F 3.0% 1,113P

10th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Cinder Cinnamon VG-85

11th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Command Brandy VG-86

12th Dam: Gold-N-Oaks Columbus Val