August 19, 2021

Final Hours with Affordable Index Offerings

Just a few hours remain on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. Bid now on several offerings starting under $300 with high indexing potential! The sale ends TODAY at 4pm EST.


SEXED HELIX  x Thurler Skywkr Blanche-Red - embryos from a RARE RED SKYWALKER daughter, backed by the FOOLS GOLD FAMILY. Blanche-Red is from the same cow family as Champion-Red at +2908GTPI. Blanche's only daughter was the No. 2 LPI Red Heifer WORLDWIDE, the No. 2 Pro$ Red Heifer, and the No. 3 GTPI Variant Red Heifer. Potential to make a chart topping RED Helix!

IVF SEXED AHEAD x Iceblue Solution Diamond - embryos from the +2748 GTPI Solution daughter with high wellness traits and a great udder composite. Diamond is backed by the Bomaz Daggat D Pizza VG-87 GMD DOM cow family!

IVF SEXED MAGNITUDE x No-Fla Lemon T550 8319 - embryos from the Ethics daughter with great health traits and over +3.5DPR. Lemon is a proven producer with high indexing daughters over +900NM.