May 8, 2019

Elite RZG Embryos!

Two tremendous opportunities to make the next chart topping RZG female! Both backed by a huge indexing line from the MAKEAs! Bid last and bring them home!

Lot 3: SEXED PURSUIT x Ms Comfort Guar Freedom -  Five #1 grade early SEXED PURSUIT (GTPI+2879 +961NM$ / +160 RZG) embryos from the high RZG Guarantee daughter (gRZG+157) that scores +853 Net Merit and +0.12%F.

Lot 20: ALTAHOTHAND x Comfort Thrlr Grntee Frosty - Five #1 grade ALTAHOTHAND (GTPI+2777 +2008M +71P +2.53T) embryos sell backed by the +159 gRZG Guarantee daughter.