March 7, 2019

Early ROME Matings

Roylane Shot Mindy VG-86 DOM

Selling on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are two opportunities for EARLY embryos sired by De-Su Frazzld Rome with a GTPI of +2889 and Net Merit of +1064. Rome also boasts +1658 lbs of milk, +114 lbs of fat and +3.2 DPR. Both matings are backed by tremendous maternal lines from the Celsius Minnows. 

Lot 2: IVF SEXED ROME x GenoSource Matters 38500 - Three #1 and two #2 early IVF SEXED ROME (GTPI+2889 +1064NM$ +1658M +0.18%F) embryos from the +2745 GTPI Matters daughter with +952 Net Merit and +0.18%Fat with a low 6.2% SCE. HUGE NET MERIT mating with over +1000 PA-NM$ and backed by the Celsius Minnows ... Different sire stack: Matters x Cabriolet x Ahead x Shamrock
Lot 9: IVF SEXED ROME x Pine-Tree 774 Achie 7686 - Five #1 grade IVF SEXED ROME (GTPI+2889 +1064NM$ +1658M +0.18%F) from the +2789 GTPI Achiever daughter with +963 Net Merit$ and +0.20% Fat with +100 lbs of Fat. Great on health traits and backed by Bookem Modesto and the Celsius Minnows! Top Net Merit Mating with PA-NM$+1014