December 2, 2015

De-Su Spark 5106 #1 GTPI Calf <9 Months

De-Su Spark 5106 tops the GTPI charts for calves younger than 9 months scoring GTPI+2846. 2nd on the list is Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann scoring GTPI+2841.

  1. De-Su Spark 5106 GTPI+2846
  2. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2841
  3. De-Su Spring 5197 GTPI+2840
  4. Sandy-Valley Rbcn Logan GTPI+2839
  5. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2830


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Learn more about Siemers Holsteins - view their Holstein Plaza profile
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