May 14, 2020

Conventional. Sexed. Index Offerings.

Selling now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several conventionally made, sexed, high index offerings by some of the top sires including Solution, Riveting, Helix and more!

Lot 12: SEXED RIVETING x Peak Riza Fship 60904 --> affordable, high index, and backed by the Plane Sapphire's

Lot 13: SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Fastlane Htln 60919 --> a huge combination of GTPI and PTAT from the Ravins

Lot 14: SEXED DYNAMO x Pen-Col Modesty Bonnet --> a flywheel daughter with a balanced proof and great health traits

Lot 17: SEXED HELIX x Thurler Skywalker Blanche-Red --> a rare RED skywalker from the Fools Gold family with high RZG potential