April 3, 2017

Classification Day at Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins had a successful classification day with 43 new Excellent cows and over 50 new Very Good 2 year olds! Making there now 1000 VG and EX cows in the herd. One of the highlights being Siemers Mogul Apple-Star *RC EX-91 EX-MS. Apple-Star is also one of the highest *RC PTAT cows in the breed and has sons at Semex, Select and Blondin. In addition, Mapel Wood Kingboy Lacey was scored VG-88 89-MS. Lacey also scores a GTPI +2439 and +2.73PTAT. She goes back to VG-88-5YR-CAN *23 Comestar Laurie Shiek! She is currently on a flush program and inquiries are welcome. Congrats to Siemers Holsteins on a tremendous classification. 

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Siemers Holsteins
14421 Mineral Springs Road
Newton, Wisconsin 53063
United States

Phone: +1 920-693-3600
Web Site: http://www.siemersholsteins.com
Email: siemers@excel.net