July 19, 2019

Another Exciting Classification for Willows Edge

Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red EX-92 93-MS

After a great day of classifying cows, Willows Edge Holsteins has many new and raised Excellents, along with many new VG 2-year-olds!

Highlights Include:

Willows-Edge Airlift Poetry EX-93 94-MS

Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red EX-92 93-MS

Willows-Edge Sanchez Maggie EX-92

Willows-Edge AB Magnify EX-91

Our-Favorite DawnRae-Red EX-90

Willows-Edge Arch Mickey EX-90

Willows-Edge GD Morass EX-90


High Scoring 2-Year-Old Highlights

Willows-Edge Rain Man VG-88

Milksource Advent Foxy-Red VG-87

Willows-Edge Jam Makati VG-87

Willows-Edge GD Mary Lou VG-87

Willows-Edge Def Miracle VG-86

Willows-Edge ATW Fawnette VG-86

Willows-Edge Fame Jangle VG-86

Willows-Edge Doorman Lexi VG-86

Willows-Edge Rainy Velvet VG-86

Willows-Edge Sid Medley VG-86

Milksource Gdndrm Kendra VG-85


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