August 30, 2019

AMS is looking for Conventional Embryos!

For International Clients AMS Genetics is urgently looking for conventional ET embryos made with conventional semen and or donors that can be flushed in the next couple of months.

The client is looking for embryos out of daughters or cows going back to the following sires on the paternal side:

  • Goldwyn, Atwood, Gold Chip
  • Colby, Jeeves, Outside
  • O-Man, Man-O-Man, Snowman, Uno
  • Mtoto, Shottle, Massey, Tango, Hill, Lylas, Windbrook
  • altaOak, altaLeaf, Delco, Octoberfest
  • Sanchez, Mac, Buckeye, Olegan, Russell
  • Free of Mogul, Supersire and or Planet bloodlines.

The main criteria for the donors are:

  • Embryos will have to be from milking donors
  • Good production: 35,000 lbs Milk, 4.0 and 3,0 (or if a little less milk with higher components)
  • High GP, VG or EX donor followed by a couple generations of VG and Excellents.
  • Donor will have to be FREE from any haplotype.
  • If you already have ET embryos in inventory made with conventional semen please let us know (Donor has to be available to complete Johnes, TB and BVD testing).
  • Donors must be located in the USA

For another client focussed on Red & Whites we are looking for Red and White embryos and or Red and White donors that could be flushed. For the Red donors the production levels would have to be: 27,000 lbs Milk, 4.0 and 3,0 with VG scores and deep pedigrees. Also embryos would have to be made with conventional semen. Donors will have to be free of haplotypes.

If you have embryos in inventory that meet these criteria or have a donor that meets the criteria and could be flushed soon. Please email the information to: