September 17, 2020

Affordable Offerings to Increase your Genetics

Just a few hours remain on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. This auction will begin to close using the popcorn bidding system at 4 PM EST. Check out these affordable offerings to increase your genetics. Lot 7: Three #1 grade SOLUTION (+2863GTPI +758NM$ +1619MILK) embryos from the Blowtorch daughter with +2529GTPI and +451NM$. 60953 goes back to EX-91 DOM Sully Shottle May and has great udder potential with +1.21UDC. She combines +1.7% SCE, +2.84SCS, and over +4.0 PL. Lot 8: One #1 and One #2 grade SEXED DYNAMO (+2766GTPI +683NM$ +1750MILK) embryos from the +2637 GTPI AltaFlywheel daughter backed by the COOKIECUTTERS! 20456 offers a unique sire stack: Flywheel x Supershot x Jacey and tremendous production including +1114 lbs of milk and over +90 lbs of combined Fat and Protein. VIEW AUCTION