January 12, 2021

Affordable Offerings Starting Under $400

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding until this Thursday, January 14th. Bidding will begin to close using the popcorn bidding system at 4:00PM EST. Log on now and place your bids on these affordable offerings starting under $400.

SEXED MAGNITUDE x Bomaz Gatedancer 7788 --> 7788 has a great genomic proof including nearly +1579 lbs of MILK, over +76 lbs of FAT, and over +60 lbs of PROTEIN. She is backed by the famous Bomaz Daggat D PIZZA cow family.

SEXED KING DOC x Bur-Wal Bluecow Gia --> Gia is the daughter of Gigi, former world record holder for milk production. Bid now and make embryos with great type and production.

SEXED TWITCH x Winstar Decker 4754 --> 4754 is a Decker daughter with high production potential. 4754 has a strong +1418 Milk, great +54 Fat and +54 Protein scores, and unlimited index transmitting potential.

SEXED SLATER x Triplecrown Frazzle 4642 --> 4642 is a Frazzled daughter with a solid proof and backed by EX-90 GMD DOM, Outside Lizzy. She combines +579NM$ and +2620GTPI, with +8.0PL and +1.8%SCE.

SEXED MENACE x Peak Zrnica Fwheel 60916 --> 60916 is a HIGH INDEXING and HIGH TYPE Flywheel daughter backed by the Rud Zips! Her dam has multiple sons in AI with many high indexing daughters. 60916 scores a high +1183 lbs of Milk, a low +2.0% Calving Ease, and great +1.29 PTA Type.

SEXED WRATH x Winstar Kennedy 4758 --> 4758 is a +2599 GTPI Kennedy daughter with over +90 lbs of combined Fat and Protein and a high +5.3 Productive Life.

SEXED DYNAMO x WInstar Pinnacle 4648 --> 4648 is a +2527GTPI Pinnacle daughter with great calving ease and somatic cell score.

IVF SEXED DYNAMO x Peak Cookie Fwheel 20456 --> 20456 is a +2635 GTPI AltaFlywheel daughter backed by the COOKIECUTTERS! 20456 offers a unique sire stack: Flywheel x Supershot x Jacey and tremendous production including +1114 lbs of milk and over +85 lbs of combined Fat and Protein.