November 17, 2020

Affordable Embryo Offerings

Available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several affordable offerings staring under $300 per embryo. 


SEXED SOLUTION x 80554 - Embryos backed by the Larcrest CRIMSONS! Dam is a GTPI +2525 Bandares daughter with +1.7 DPR, a low 2.0% SCE, solid production and good components. Next dam GP-82 Supershot followed by Facebook Cagney, Planet Chima and CRIMSON!


SEXED RAPID x Rosa - Embryos selling from the Jedi daughter with great +1424 lbs of milk. Rosa also has low calving ease at +1.7%, a great +2.83 SCS, and a solid +4.5 productive life.


SEXED REASON x 23708 - Embryos from a Modesty daughter with great production potential, positive teat-length, positive rump angle, positive rear leg side view, and negative stature.