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Zimmer Holsteins
Box 271
Daysland, Alberta AB T0B 1A0


+1 780-678-6373

Donors Offered by This Breeder

Endco Montross Mint 9329 *PO VG-85-USA
Zimmer Holsteins
VG-85 / GTPI +2488
Endco SL Charisma 9952-ET
Zimmer Holsteins
GTPI +2658
Zimmer Holsteins
GTPI +2712
Murrayholm Balisto Penny
Zimmer Holsteins
GP-84 / GTPI +2373
Pine-Shelter Claire Wood-ET
Zimmer Holsteins
VG-87 / GTPI +2080
Zimmer Holsteins
GTPI +2328

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February 19, 2018
Mint scores VERY-GOOD

Mint is a Polled Montross daughter backed by a tremendous line of the Sully Shottle Mays... And in a recent classification she has now been scored VG-85...VIEW MORE

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October 26, 2017
More Western Wrapup Sale Highlights

Western Wrapup Sale is approaching quickly! Being held tomorrow October 27, 2017 at the Red Deer Westerner in Red Deer, Alberta. Selling as Lot 3 is a young Modesty daughter that scores a GTPI+2811 and PTAT+3.30! Same cow family as EX-90 Sully Shottle May. Same maternal line and also a Modesty daughter is Lot 71 D-Zimzim Modesty 4156. She scores a GTPI+2735 +831NM$ +1384lbs of milk and +74lbs of protein. 


Click to enlarge - Deelett Cousteau Candy EX-95-4E
October 20, 2017
Highlights to sell at Western Wrapup Sale

The Western Wrapup Sale will be held Friday October 27, 2017 at 5:30 pm in Red Deer, Alberta. Selling as Lot 26 and consigned by Zimmer Holsteins is a Callen daughter that goes back to the beautiful EX-95-4E Deelett Cousteau Candy cow family! Also selling as Lot 38 is a VG-85 Raptown daughter that's out of an EX-92 Destry that goes back to the Cosmopolitans! ~ consigned by Cedarwal Farms 


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June 2, 2016
Donors updated for Zimmer Holsteins

New donors have been added to the lineup for Zimmer Holsteins, Alberta, Canada including one of the highest ranking Silvers in the breed with 2768 GTPI, Endco SL Charisma 9952. Other donors include a +2505G full sister of THE ANSWER PO and two maternal sisters to Crush at ABS Global.

Click to enlarge - EDG Claire Cling VG-85-2YR-CAN
April 20, 2016
Consignments from Zimmer Holsteins

Selling tonight in the 2016 Canadian National Holstein Sale from Zimmer Holsteins and partners as Lot 10 is the maternal sister to CRUSH, Crasdale High Octane Cozy. Cozy has a GTPI of +2418 and PTAT of +3.56 and nearly 3.50 points on udders. Bid last on this High Octane backed by the Pine-Shelter Cheyenne family. Selling as Lot 40 is the beautiful Sid summer yearling for 2016 backed by EX-94 Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra. VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - Sully Numero Uno Madge VG-85-2YR VG-MS
June 30, 2015
First Choice SELLS from Uno Madge

Selling on Thursday, July 2 at the RockyMountain High Sale from Sully Numero Uno Madge VG-85-2YR is a choice of three high testing offspring from three different mating sires. Buyer has a choice from an April 2015 +2503G Silver daughter with +2.42T or a May 2015 Powerball-P with +2561G, +1656 milk and +2.41T or a Monterey with +2536G and nearly 3 points on type. Madge is the granddaughter of huge producing Sully Shottle May ... Bid last on this tremendous opportunity, you choose Silver, Monterey or Powerball P!

Click to enlarge - Sully Numero Uno Madge VG-85-2YR VG-MS
April 14, 2015
New photo of Sully Numero Uno Madge

New photo of the VG-85-2YR Numero Uno granddaughter of Sully Shottle May. Sully Numero Uno Madge has a GTPI of +2437 and SELLS this Friday, April 17 on the Western Warm Up Sale, Balgonie, SK.

Click to enlarge - Zimmer Wendon TL Olymp Candy *RC
November 13, 2014
+2395G and +3.97T *RC Olympian sells!

Selling tonight on the Sale of Stars as Lot 84 is Zimmer Wendon TL Olymp Candy! The results are back on this beautiful calf and she is RED CARRIER and has a GTPI of +2395 and nearly 4 points on type... unique numbers and backed by a VG-87-2YR-CAN Atwood from the show winning, Pine-Shelter Cheyenne!

Click to enlarge - Ms Planet Cheri VG-86-2YR-CAN
November 10, 2014
Zimmer Wendon Uno Cami now VG-85-2YR-CAN

Zimmer Wendon Uno Cami, the +2265G Numero Uno daughter from Ms Planet Cheri is now Very Good-85-2YR-CAN and sells as Lot 71 in the Sale of Stars this Thursday, Nov. 13.

Click to enlarge - EDG Claire Cling VG-85-2YR-CAN
October 7, 2014
EDG Claire Cling added to Donor Line-Up of Zimmer Holsteins

EDG Claire Cling VG-85-2YR-CAN has been added to the Donor Line-Up of Zimmer Holsteins. Claire Cling is an EARLY VG-85-2YR-CAN Numero Uno daughter from Pine-Shelter Claire Wood VG-87-2YR one of the highest PTAT cows in the Breed and also at Zimmer Holsteins. EDG Claire Cling scores like her dam huge Type numbers, PTAT+3.98 and +18 Conformation in Canada.

Click to enlarge - Grandeur Uno Tamriel
July 8, 2014
New donors at Zimmer Holsteins

Two exciting Numero Uno daughters have been added to the donor section of Zimmerview Holsteins. Grandeur Uno Tamriel is a GTPI+2401 Numero Uno that goes back to the Ricecrest Terry Tory family, the cowfamily that already delivered many proven sires. Tamriel has has an unique pedigree with bulls like Domain, Goldwyn, Magna in her pedigree. Sully Numero Uno Madge, GTPI+2384 +3.14T, is a Numero Uno daughter of Sully Planet Manitoba, next dam is Sully Shottle May-TW EX-90 DOM.

Selling in in the Online Embryo Auction are Powerball-P embryos from both heifers. 


Click to enlarge - Pine-Shelter Clair Wood VG-87-2YR | One of the elite donors at Zimmer Holsteins
November 26, 2013
Holstein Plaza Welcomes Zimmer Holsteins

Holstein Plaza Welcomes Zimmer Holsteins online. Located in Daysland Alberta, Zimmer Holsteins works with some elite cow families in the breed. Highlights of the current donor line-up.