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Tavistock, Ontario N0B 2R0


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Donors Offered by This Breeder

Freurehaven FGS Laura
Walnutlawn Farms
VG-88 / GTPI +2105
Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue
Walnutlawn Farms
VG-89 / GTPI +1704
Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady
Walnutlawn Farms
EX-90 / GTPI +1741
Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica
Walnutlawn Farms

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January 11, 2018
Finalist for Canadian Cow of the Year!

While there are so many elite Canadian cows to be recognized... There is only ONE to be named the top! Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue is a Finalist for Canadian Cow of the Year! Sue is the matriarch behind several popular mating sires including, Solomon, Sochi, Sidekick, Slater, Seeger, Surge, Sandstorm and very soon, Skyhigh. She has also had a tremendous impact on the type market with her sons, grandsons and great-grandsons. Her successes don't end there, she currently has 18 classified daughters all good-plus or higher... Including four excellents and twelve very-good. 

*Sue needs your vote!! 


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November 16, 2017
Intro to new mating sire!

Finally introducing the exciting new mating sire, Walnutlawn Sidekick. An Abbott son directly out of the beautifully balanced Walnutlawn Mccutchen Summer EX-92... Nominated All-Canadian and All-American dam, sister to SOLOMON! Sidekick is the No. 1 available conformation +19 (22DGV)...


August 8, 2017
Top 10 Conformation Cows Canada

The top 10 conformation cows in Canada has been posted with Sunnypoint 2024 Lady D topping the charts with a +19 conf. Lady D is a Doorman daughter that goes back to the EX-94 Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket! VIEW CHART 

  1. Sunnypoint 2024 Lady D +19 conf. 
  2. Ms Apple Aryane +18 conf. 
  3. Dupotier Doorman Diademe +17 conf. 
  4. Brenland Doorman Desirable +17 conf. 
  5. Hanalee Doorman Daisy Duke +17 conf. 
Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN
August 9, 2016
Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer No. 1 Conf Cow

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer has regained her position as the No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canada for August 2016. The maternal sister to popular mating sire SOLOMON at Semex, Summer has a Conformation of +19. Her grandaughter, Walnutlawn Avalanche Skye is the No. 1 Conformation Heifer at +22. Congratulations to the team at Walnutlawn. CLICK HERE to view full list of Top Conformation Cows. 

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR
July 11, 2016
New photo of Summer

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR, Solomons maternal sister, has recently been repictured. Summer was pictured 45 days fresh in her 2nd lactation. Summer, like her dam Lavanguard Sue, has been a tremendous brood cow for Walnutlawn Farms, she is the dam of 5G Supreme on of the highest PTAT/Conformation Females in the breed for her age-group. The Avalance *RC son of Supreme recently came back at +23 Conformation and +25 DGV Conformation! A full sister to this bull is the tied #1 conformation heifer at +23 DGV-conformation!

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN
May 19, 2016
Walnutlawn Avalanche Skye #1 Conformation!

The Lavanguard Sue family did it again at Walnutlawn, Walnutlawn Avalanche Skye came back as the tied #1 Conformation Female in the World scoring +22 Conformation and +23 DGV-Conformation! She is the 4th generation to be a #1 Conformation cow or heifer! Skye is an EARLY Avalanche daughter of Walnutlawn 5G Supreme (alta5G x Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer). 

Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady-ET EX-90-CAN
April 29, 2016
Classification Highlights from Walnutlawn

A tremendous day classifying at Walnutlawn Farms adding to the herd totals of 22 Excellents, 36 Very Goods and 14 Good Plus. 

New Excellents
• Walnutlawn Steady Julia EX-92
• Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady EX-90
  - 7th generation EX Barbie, dam of Blake
• Walnutlawn Fever Honolulu EX-90
• Walnutlawn Fever Jodi EX-90

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94 3E 6*
February 18, 2016
Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica is Fresh!

Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94 3E 6* has recently freshened with her 6th calf and looks tremendous! Jessica already produced nearly 195,000 lbs milk and has already 5 EX and 11 VG daughters!

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN
December 1, 2015
Summer No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canada

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN is the No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canda at +20. Summer is a maternal sister to popular type sires Sochi and Soloman. Following closely behind is Summer's sister by Doorman, Walnutlawn Doorman Supra with a Conf. +19.

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn Doorman Supra VG-86-1YR-CAN
October 12, 2015
Early VG-86-1YR Doorman daughter at Walnutlawn Farms

Walnutlawn Doorman Supra is an EARLY daughter of Doorman and already scored VG-86-1YR, she is a Doorman daughter of Lavanguard Sue and the full sister to the popular high type sire Solomon! Her only daughter by Dempsey scores +19 Conformation (+20 Conformation Direct Genomic Value)! Supra will be on a flush program this fall and winter.

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94-CAN 3E!
September 11, 2015
Exciting Goldwyn daughters from Gibson Jessica @ Walnutlawn

Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94-CAN 3E is proving herself as a valuable brood cow at Walnutlawn Farms. The cross with Goldwyn is proving to be a tremendous cross as already four Goldwyn daughters scored Excellent and two more score VG-87! 

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN
April 23, 2015
Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer scores VG-88-2YR

An exciting day classifying at Walnutlawn Farms, the high PTAT/Conformation McCutchen daughter, Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer, confirms her type numbers and scores VG-88-2YR-CAN! Summer is one of the highest type cows in the breed and has a daughter by 5G that scores +20 for conformation and a Commander daughter in Germany that is one of the leading females for type overseas! And there was more good news, several daughters of Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94 where classified with excellent results, she now has 4 Excellent daughters and 11 VG, which means all her daughters classified score VG or higher!

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer
March 11, 2015
Walnutlawn Farms Updates

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer has just been added as a donor to the profile of Walnutlawn Farms. Summer is a young McCutchen and the maternal sister to SOLOMON and SOCHI at Semex. She is also dam to the No. 1 Conformation Heifer in Canada with a DGV-Conf. +27. In other exciting news, Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94-3E-CAN has been nominated for Canadian Cow of the Year 2014. Follow this link for more information on the nominees and how to vote. Voting ends on Friday, March 13.

January 7, 2015
Holstein Plaza members honored with Master Breeder shield

Holstein Canada has announced the recipients of the coveted 2014 Master Breeder shields. These “Master” breeders are recognized for having mastered the art of breeding balanced cattle – high production and outstanding conformation with great reproduction, health and longevity. We would like to congratulate Holstein Plaza members Benner Holsteins and Walnutlawn Farms for receiving this prestigious honor.

Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady is now VG-87-3YR-CAN
May 14, 2014
Donor scores updated at Walnutlawn Farms

Walnutlawn reports new scores of Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue now VG-89-4YR-CAN and Sandy-Valley Atwd Brady is now VG-87-3YR-CAN. READ MORE 

Click to enlarge - Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-88-2YR-CAN
April 2, 2014
Lavanguard Sue Sons Top Type Charts

Two sons of Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-88-2YR-CAN are topping the type charts (tied as No. 1 Conf. in Canada) and will be available through Semex.

• Walnutlawn Solomon (Doorman) +21 Conf. (24DGV) and +4.50 Type.
• Walnutlawn Stealth (Elaborate) +21 Conf. (23DGV) and +4.35 Type.

Click to enlarge - Walnutlawn Sanchez Jenn VG-88-CAN
January 20, 2014
New photo of Walnutlawn Sanchez Jenn

New photo of Walnutlawn Sanchez Jenn, the VG-88-CAN Sanchez daughter of Walnutlawn Gibson Jessica EX-94-2E-CAN 4*. Selling on the Online Embryo Auction from Jenn are five #1 Atwood embryos ... show calves from a deep Canadian pedigree! 

Lot 19: Atwood x Walnutlawn Sanchez Jenn

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January 14, 2014
Holstein Plaza welcomes Walnutlawn Farm

Holstein Plaza welcomes Walnutlawn Farm, Tavistock, Ontario online! Visit their online profile for more information on the fantastic lineup of donors they currently working with including Freurehaven FGS Laura, Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue, the former No. 1 Conf. Cow in Canada and Atwood Brady the current No. 1 Conf. Cow in Canada along with others!