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CANADIAN FEMALE TOP RANKINGS (Canadian-owned) - August 2021

Top 10 GPA-LPI Variant Red Females

August 2021
 NameSire StackGPA-LPIConf.Cow FamilyOwner
1PROGENESIS ZAZZLE COLOURME REDAltaZazzle x AltaRobert x Guarantee35892Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Progenesis
2PROGENESIS WC 11752AltaZazzle x AltaRobert x Guarantee35784Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Progenesis
3COMFORT THRLR MURPHY RED CHARMESPN x Einstein x Marius35495Snow-N Denises Dellia E95 2E GMD DOMComfort and Thurler Holsteins
4PROGENESIS HIGHJUMP CAMILA REDHighjump x AltaRobert x Guarantee34302Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Progenesis
5COMFORT THRLR HAWAI RUTH RED PHawai x Bandares x Rubicon34206Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
6PROGENESIS WC 11331Highjump x AltaRobert x Guarantee34703Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Westcoast Holsteins
7FRAHOLME HOT HOPEStamkos x Ball of Wax-PP x Pepper33778Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Fraholme Farms
8PROGENESIS WC EINSTEIN 10200Einstein x Positive x Jedi33735Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Westcoast Holsteins
9PROGENESIS ENSTN CARDINAL REDEinstein x Positive x Jedi33506Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Progenesis
10THURLER COMFORT MRPY IVA RED PMurphy x Hawai x Bandares33504Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88Comfort and Thurler Holsteins


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