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CANADIAN FEMALE TOP RANKINGS (Canadian-owned) - April 2020

Top 15 GPA-LPI Variant Red Females

April 2020
 NameSire StackGPA-LPIConf.Cow FamilyOwner
1PROGENESIS FULLMARKS CURLY REDFullmarks x Guarantee x Jedi34967Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
2COMFORT THRLR HAWAI RUTH RED PHawai x Bandares x Rubicon34506Stoneden Fools Gold RedComfort and Thurler Holsteins
3PROGENESIS EINSTEIN 4996Einstein x Guarantee x Jedi34354Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
4VECTOR ZIPPER ZOE PZipper P x Wax PP x Pepper337811Stoneden Fools Gold RedVogue Cattle Co
5PROGENESIS ROBERT CERSEI REDAltaRobert x Guarantee x Jedi33432Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
6PROGENESIS COPPER-RED 5183Copper Red x Fabulous x Modesty33354Co-Op Moonboy RescueProgenesis LP
7THURLER SKYWKR BLANCHE REDSkywalker x Jedi x Rubicon33017Stoneden Fools Gold RedComfort and Thurler Holsteins
8PROGENESIS KENOBI CITADEL REDKenobi x Guarantee x Jedi32814Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
9PROGENESIS FULLMARKS 5024Fullmarks x Marius x Jedi32685Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
10PROGENESIS LAWSON 4983AltaLawson x Fascinator x Jedi32535Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
11THURLER RUBICON RED HOLLYRubicon x Ladd P Red x Aftershock325310Stoneden Fools Gold RedComfort and Thurler Holsteins
12COMFORT RUBICON RUBY REDRubicon x Ladd P Red x Aftershock324810Stoneden Fools Gold RedComfort and Thurler Holsteins
13PRINSE CHALLENGER RED ROCKETChallenger x Bandares x Kingboy32466Islehaven Gold Dancer RedPrinse Farms
14PROGENESIS GTEE CABERNET REDGuarantee x Jedi x Tango32373Stoneden Fools Gold RedProgenesis LP
15THURLER ROBSON SUNFIRE PVR 204AltaRobson x Jedi x Rubicon32287Stoneden Fools Gold RedSalzburg Farms


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