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Home of Debutante Rae - the Reserve Grand Champion of World Dairy Expo 2005, a 7th Generation Excellent Tony Rae Roxy and a cornerstone cow for the Matt and Mandy Nunes family.


Scientific Holsteins
11838 120th Ave.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729
United States


+1 715-288-5838

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Fancypants Hopeful Rae-Red
Scientific Holsteins
EX-90 / GTPI +1743
Scientific Dbonair Hint-Red
Scientific Holsteins
Scientific Decadent Rae-ET *RC
Scientific Holsteins
EX-94 / GTPI +1677
Scientific Donatella Rae-ET
Scientific Holsteins
VG-89 / GTPI +1781
Scientific Gold Dior Rae *RC
Scientific Holsteins
EX-92 / GTPI +1923
Scientific S Diondra Rae
Scientific Holsteins
VG-88 / GTPI +1919

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Winter 2015

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Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87 | #7 PTA Type cow in the USA
April 7, 2017
Top 25 PTA Type Cows and Heifers ONLINE

The Top 25 PTA Type cows and heifers has been posted! Topping the charts on the cow list is Ms Apple Ariella VG-87 +3.94T (Atwood x Apple) and on the heifer list Our-Favorite Velocity +4.53T is ranked first. 

Click to enlarge - Scientific D Cambria Rae VG-86
September 2, 2016
New photo of the No. 1 PTAT Cow

Scientific D Cambria Rae *RC is the No. 1 PTAT Cow in the U.S. scoring +4.01T and backed by the tremendous Debutante Rae Roxys. Cambria Rae is the Very Good-86 Doorman daughter of a show winning RED, POLLED Colt P. 

Her son by Pen-Col Merrick, Scientifc DRIVE, is at Semex with a PTAT of +4.07.

Click to enlarge - The cows at Scientific have moved to the new Barn!
December 11, 2015
Cows are in the new barn at Scientific

Scientific Holsteins is excited that the cows have moved to the new barn. Recently a new barn was built and in the next couple days the cows will be introduced to robotic milking.

Click to enlarge - Hopeful Shocking Diva EX-91 | She sells as lot 7 in the Reno Spa-Tactular Sale
August 4, 2014
Exciting consignments Holstein Plaza members to Reno Sale

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some of their elite animals this week in the Reno Spa-Tacular Sale at the Atlantis Casino, Resort & Spa in Reno Nevada. CLICK HERE to find out which Holstein Plaza members are selling.

Click to enlarge - Scientific Decadent Rae *RC EX-92
June 27, 2014
One of the highest *RC *PO PTAT Heifers in the Breed sells!

The opportunity is yours to own one of the highest *RC *PO PTAT Heifers in the Breed... Scientific D Colette Rae *RC *PO sells tonight on the National Convention Sale as Lot 18. She has a PTAT of +3.99 and 3.95UDC and is the Doorman granddaughter of Scientific Decadent Rae EX-92 and a deep maternal line back to Debutante Rae and Roxy!

Click to enlarge - Scientific Dbonair Hint-Red VG-87-3YR | All-American Red & White Senior 2-Year-Old 2012
June 11, 2014
Donor update from Scientific Holsteins

The donor section of Scientific has been updated with new donors from the Raes such as Scientific Dbonair Hint-Red, All-American R&W Senior 2-Year-Old in 2012 and Scientific Decadent Rae EX-92, Reserve Intermediate Champion at Midwest Fall National Show in 2013. VISIT PROFILE

Click to enlarge - Dam of Lot 14: Scientific S Diondra Rae VG-88-2YR
May 29, 2014
Great consignment from Scientific

Selling on the Luau II Sale this Saturday in Owatonna, Minnesota as Lot 14 is an exciting consignment from Scientific Holsteins. Scientific Aloha Rae *RC is an Absolute daughter of Scientific S Diondra Rae, Grand Champion at the Wisconsin District I Show 2013. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Katrinas Debonair Allie-Red VG-87, Intermediate Champion of the 2013 MN State Fair R&W Show
August 27, 2013
Scientific wins Intermediate Champion in Minnesota

Katrinas Debonair Allie-Red VG-87-2YR was the winning senior two-year-old at today's Minnesota State Red & White Show and was later named Intermediate Champion of the Open Show and Reserve Grand Champion of the Junior Show. Allie is a Debonair from a VG SS Deuce and backed by the Dreamstreet Enhancer Alicia family. Scientific also took home Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion with the second prize senior two-year-old, Fancypants Hopeful Rae-Red (Director x VG Scientific SS Hyacinth x Raes Hope). Congratulations to Scientific Holsteins!

Click to enlarge - Scientific Holsteins Premier Breeder of Wisconsin Championsship Show-Cows 2013
July 17, 2013
Scientific Holsteins Premier Breeder

Scientific Holsteins was named Premier Breeder of Wisconsin Championship Show 2013.

Other highlights were:
3rd Senior 2-Year-Old Scientific S Diondra Rae-ET (s. Sanchez)
3rd Senior 3-Year-Old Scientific Decadent Rae-ET (s. Sanchez)
3rd 5-Year-Old Scientific Darla Rae (s. Shottle) ... Full sister to Scientific Darling Rae and Scientific Blessing Rae
1st Best Three Females
1st Produce of Dam

Click to enlarge - Scientific Gold Dana-Rae-ET (Goldwyn x Debutante Rae) and Scientific Darla Rae-ET (Shottle x Debutante Rae)
July 17, 2012
Debutante Rae daughters win All-Wisconsin Produce of Dam

Scientific Gold Dana-Rae-ET (Goldwyn x Debutante Rae) and Scientific Darla Rae-ET (Shottle x Debutante Rae) were the winning Produce of Dam at the 2012 Wisconsin Championship Show held earlier today! Darla Rae is the #10 PTAT Cow on the Locator List for April 2012. Such a tremendous pair of cows from brood extraordinaire Debutante Rae!

Click to enlarge - Jerland Talent Glamour-ET *RC EX-90 • 10th Generation Excellent Roxy!
September 9, 2011
NEW 10th Generation Excellent Roxy!

Jerland Talent Glamour-ET *RC is the breed's newest 10th Generation Excellent Roxy! Glamour sold in the Jerland Dispersal Sale yesterday to Scientific Holsteins and today scored EX-90 for the Nunes family!

Click to enlarge -
August 29, 2011
Scientific hosts Wisconsin State Holstein Picnic

It was a beautiful Saturday and the Nunes family of Scientific Holsteins went above and beyond to host a great event at their farm with food, fellowship and great Holstein cows. The picnic included an open barn highlighted by the tremendous Debutante Rae daughters on display, a judging contest, picnic lunch and games for all ages. A huge thank you to Scientific Holsteins for their hospitality and opening up their farm to Holstein enthusiasts for this fantastic event!

Click to enlarge - The Nunes family with Lipstick Rae and Rose Marie
August 22, 2011
Scientific to host Wisconsin State Picnic on August 27!

The Wisconsin Holstein Association is pleased to announce the Matt and Mandy Nunes Family of Scientific Holsteins, Chippewa Falls, WI, will host the annual State Picnic on Saturday, August 27, 2011. The hosts are looking forward to a day of cows and camaraderie for Holstein enthusiasts from across the state.

The Picnic kicks off at 11:00 a.m. with an open barn, a judging contest and games for all ages. Lunch will be served at noon followed by the introduction of the Nunes Family, Judging Contest results and the Chippewa County Juniors Fundraiser auction of embryos, semen and misc. items at 1:30 p.m. Click here for more information.

Click to enlarge - Scientific Gold Doll Rae-ET *RC • #6 GTPI Red/*RC Cow in the U.S. 8/11
August 18, 2011
Fancy Braxton from Debutante Raes sells!

Fancy March 2011 Braxton heifer sells on the Regancrest Summer Select Sale from the VG-87-2YR Mr Burns daughter of Gold Doll Rae, the #6 Red/*RC Cow in the United States 8/11. Next dam is the All-American Debutante Rae EX-92 GMD DOM.

Click to enlarge - #1 PTAT Cow from Locator List: Scientific Darla Rae-ET
August 11, 2011
Darla Rae #1 PTAT Cow from Locator List!

Scientific Darla Rae-ET VG-88 is the #1 PTAT (+4.25T) on the Locator List! High Type Guthrie embryos sell from Darla Rae on the Online Embryo Auction - click here! There are also Palermo embryos selling from Darla's full sister Blessing Rae selling - click here!

Click to enlarge -
July 13, 2011
Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET named Champion B&O of WI State Show

Congratulations to Scientific Holsteins as the power of the Roxys continues to shine. Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET EX-94 was recently named Champion Bred & Owned of the Wisconsin State Holstein Show 2011. Lipstick is the EX-94 Durham granddaughter of Jubilant Rae.

Click to enlarge - Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET EX-92
July 1, 2011
Classification Highlights from Scientific

Exciting classification results from Scientific Holsteins with new photos coming next week.
• Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET
(by Durham) EX-94 Lipstick was Gr Champ at the WI District 1 Show in June.
• Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET (Goldwyn x Debutante) EX-92
• Miss Deuce Rose Marie (SS Deuce owned w/ Nate Goldenberg) EX-92 Rose Marie was the Intermediate Champion at the WI District 1 Show.

Seven new VG 2-Year-Olds including:

• Scientific Divinity Rae-ET VG-88 EX-MS Divinity is a Shottle from Debutante -- the last of her daughters to calve. Divinity was recently the 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old at the WI District 1 Show.
• Scientific Dolly Rae-Red-ET VG-87 Dolly is the red Mr Burns granddaughter of Debutante (dam is the Goldwyn Doll). Her full sister Dollface *RC scored VG-85.
• Scientific Duchess Rae-ET VG-85 (another Shottle x Debutante)
• Scientific Cream Puff Rae VG-87 Cream Puff is an Atlas daughter of Roy Creamy

Click to enlarge - The Nunes family with Lipstick Rae and Rose Marie
June 20, 2011
Scientific Holsteins takes home Champion Honors

Congratulations to the Nunes family of Scientific Holsteins who took home both Intermediate and Grand Champion honors at the recent Wisconsin District I Holstein Show. Capturing top honors as Grand Champion of Show was Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET EX-92 (Durham x Chantilly Lace) and winning Intermediate Champion of Show was Miss Deuce Rose Marie VG-85 (SS Deuce x Gibson Rosemary).

Click to enlarge - Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92 GMD DOM
April 21, 2011
5 of Top 10 Red or *RC Cows - April 2011 are from Debutante Rae

Impressive stats for Debutante Rae and Matt and Mandy Nunes of Scientific Holsteins!

#1 - Scientific Darling Rae-ETS *RC • GTPI+2129
#4 - Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET *RC • GTPI+2092
#5 - Scientific Gold Doll Rae-ET *RC • GTPI+2053
#6 - Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET *RC • GTPI+2024
#7 - Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET *RC • GTPI+2015

Click to enlarge - Scientific Darling Rae-ET *RC VG-86 - Breed's #1 GTPI *RC Cow GTPI+2129
April 20, 2011
New Photos for Scientific Holsteins

Check out the new photos of Darling Rae (#1 GTPI *RC Cow), Chaleese and Deco-Red!

Click to enlarge - Scientific Delaney Rae-ET EX-90 - 8th Generation EX Roxy!
April 8, 2011
Buy a Roxy, Help Japan!

Scientific Holsteins steps up in a big way to assist dairy farmers in Japan who have been adversely affected by the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami. Tonight, Friday evening, April 8th at the RedFest Sale at Crescentmead Farm, Ixonia, Wisconsin a *RC Picolo granddaughter of Debutatne Rae sells! Her pedigree... Picolo x Talent Delaney Rae-ET EX-90 x Debutante Rae and born 12/11/10. All of our proceeds from the sale of this calf will be donated to the World Wide Sires Family Japanese Dairy Relief Fund.

Click to enlarge - Scientific Deco Rae-Red-ET EX-90 (Advent x Debutante)
February 17, 2011
New Classification Scores from Scientific Holsteins!

The classifier just left Scientific Holsteins and Matt and Mandy have some exciting NEW scores to report!
Results from Debutante Rae's Daughters/Granddaughters
- DECO-Red (Advent from Debutante) - EX-90
- DELANEY (RC TV Talent from Debutante) - EX-90
- DEMI (Drake x SS Destiny x Debutante) - EX-92
- MAYBERRY (Mich x Debutante) - VG-88 (EX-MS)
      The 3 Shottles from Debutante all were raised a point

                   - DARLING - VG-86
                   - BLESSING - VG-87
                   - DARLA - VG-88 (EX-MS)
Click on the headline for more results!

Click to enlarge -
January 24, 2011
Scientific Holsteins joins Holstein Plaza

Holstein Plaza welcomes Scientific Holsteins. Owned by Matt and Mandy Nunes and family, Scientific Holsteins located in northwest Wisconsin is home to the great Debutante Rae branch of the Roxy family. Check out some of the fantastic young Debutante daughters Matt and Mandy are working with along with other herd favorites!