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+1 920-988-3070 Mark +1 920-988-9570 Nicky Home of Supreme Champions! Rosedale Genetics owned and operated by Mark and Nicky Rueth is home to some of the breed's most elite type genetics and winners on the tanbark. Stookey-Elm Park Blackrose, a two-time All-American cow, is one of the most popular that Rueth has developed. This admired cow has laid a large portion of the foundation for the Rosedale herd. Another matriarch of Rosedale is two-time World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise. The superb line-up of quality cattle continues with Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red. In 2005, Redrose became the first Red and White to win Supreme Champion honors, and the very next year, Kinyon Linjet Ideal was named Grand Champion of the Holstein Show and Reserve Supreme Champion. A visit to the Rosedale herd will surely impress every dairy cattle breeder with the quality cattle and the second-to-none care they receive.


Rosedale Genetics
3066 Co Rd G
Oxford, Wisconsin 53952
United States


+1 608-584-5853

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Kinyon Linjet Ideal
Rosedale Genetics
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Rosedale Genetics
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Rosedale Genetics
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Rosedale Genetics

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - Arolene Goldwyn Divine EX-92
March 27, 2017
Successful Sale for Rosedale Genetics!

Rosedale Genetics sold 123 head on March 25th, 2017. The sale averaged $5,850 with the top seller going for $92,000! Arolene Goldwyn Divine is EX-92 and was nominated All-American Sr 3 Year Old. Divine is a Goldwyn daughter of Wendon Dundee Divina EX-92-5E. She was purchased by Budjon & Peter Vail. 


Click to enlarge - EX-96 EEEEE 4E Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red
March 24, 2017
Sale of Excellence ~ Rosedale Genetics

Rosedale Genetics sale will be held on March 25th, 2017 at 10:00am in Oxford, WI. Rosedale Genetics have had many show winnings and tremendous sale opportunities that have led them to success. There will be a number of elite cattle selling from strong cow families including offspring from the EX-95 Rosedale Lexington who was All-American 5-yr-old in 2013 and Reserve All-American 3-yr-old in 2011.... 

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone to purchase some beautiful cattle backed by elite genetics! 


Click to enlarge - Siemers Goldwyn Galaxy EX-94 | 2nd Place 150,000 lb. Cow B&O
August 1, 2016
Holstein Plaza members successful at WI Championship Show

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET was the Grand Champion of the WI State Show last weekend. Several Holstein Plaza members exhibited and had great results. CLICK HERE for more information.

Click to enlarge - Arolene Goldwyn Divine Grand Champion District 5 2016
June 23, 2016
Fantastic District 5 Show for Rosedale

Rosedale Genetics had a tremendous day at the District 5 Show 2016. Highlights of the day included the Intermediate, Grand Champion & Best Udder of the Open Show Arolene Goldwyn Divine, Senior Champion of the Open Show Rosedale Perfect In-Red. Rosedale was also named Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Show. CLICK HERE for more Rosedale Highlights.

Click to enlarge -
April 27, 2016
Rosedale finds success at Midwest Spring National

It was a winning two days at the Midwest Spring National for Rosedale Genetics. Rosedale Perfect In-Red was named second place Four-Year-Old, HM Senior Champion and Best Bred & Owned of the 2016 Midwest Spring National Red & White Show. Named Reserve Intermediate Champion and HM Grand Champion was Aroline Goldwyn Divine the second place senior three-year-old owned by Volker, Hovden and Rosedale. Congratulations.

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red EX-92
January 22, 2016
Nominations for Rosedale Genetics

The ladies of Rosedale Genetics collected seven Red & White All-American nominations for 2015 including Rosedale The Rose-Red (Destry x Redrose) nominated All-American Junior 2-Year-Old, Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red (Perseus x Sanchez x Redrose) nominated All-American Four-Year-Old and Rosedale Perfect In Red (Absolute x Sept Storm x Paradise) nominated All-American Junior 3-Year-Old. They were also nominated in four group classes. Congratulations!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red EX-92
November 10, 2015
Rosedale wins Grand Champion banner

Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red was named Senior and Grand Champion yesterday at the 2015 Mid-East Fall National Red & White Show. Lucky-Rose is the EX-92 Perseus granddaughter of Redrose, dam is the EX-91 Sanchez Crown of Thorns. Rosedale also had the second place spring yearling, second place junior two-year-old and winning junior three-year-old. Congratulations.

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96 | Several of her (grand)daughters where classified with exciting results!
September 22, 2015
Great classification day at Rosedale Genetics

Rosedale Genetics had a tremendous classification day yesterday with 6 new VG and several Excellents, including many (grand daughters) of Redrose, Lexington and Paradise! CLICK HERE to read more about the classification highlights at Rosedale.

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red
July 10, 2015
Banner day for Rosedale Genetics

Congratulation to the team at Rosedale Genetics for a banner day at the Wisconsin State Red & White Holstein Show held yesterday in Madison, Wis. Kicking off the cow show with a first place win in the junior two-year-old class with Rosedale the Rose-Red (Destry x REDROSE). Winning the four-year-old class and named Senior Champion of the Show was Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red (Perseus x EX Sanchez x REDROSE) (pictured). Rosedale also won the Senior Best Three Females Class and was named Premier Breeder of the Show. Congrats!

Click to enlarge -
June 29, 2015
Show success for Rosedale

A great day for Rosedale Genetics at the Wisconsin District 5 Holstein Show winning nine classes including Junior Best 3 Females, Best 3 Females and Premier Breeder. Rosedale Silky Stilettos (Armani x EX-90 Gold Chris) was first place winter yearling and reserve junior champion. KHW Hightower VG-88 (Windbrook x EX-91 Shottle) was Intermediate Champion and winning senior two-year-old. Hightower is owned with KHW Genetics. Rosedale The Rose-Red VG-86 (Destry x Redrose) was Reserve Intermediate Champion. Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red EX-91 (Perseus x EX-91 Sanchez x Redrose) was Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion with Rosedale Stardom Bound EX-94 (Goldwyn x Rosedale Lea-Ann) was HM Senior Champion.  

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Genetics
March 31, 2015
Classification highlights from Rosedale

Great day classifying for Rosedale Genetics with four new Excellents, 11 Very Good two-year-olds and four Excellents added 2E. READ MORE

Daughters of Redrose Very Good-87-2YR:
• Belle of the Ball *RC VG-87-2YR (Goldwyn x Redrose)
• Worth Repeatng *RC VG-87-2YR (Goldwyn x Redrose)
• Rumor Has It-Red VG-87-2YR (Redburst x Redrose)

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexi VG-89
November 25, 2014
Rosedale Classification Highlights!

There where 3 new Excellents and 7 Very Good 1st lactation. The Lexi's had a big day, with an Aftershock granddaughter scoring EX-92, EX-95 MS! One of the new Excellents was a *RC-Demello granddaughter of Lexi and the Demello's red-Durham-Red daughter scored VG-86 fresh in August. Rosedale's first milking Bradnick scored VG-87, EX-90 MS, fresh six weeks. She is from an EX-92 2E Stormatic the next dam is Lexi. Another exciting two-year-old, a red Absolute from an EX-93 Sept Storm from Paradise herself scored VG-88, EX-90 MS. She is fresh 7 weeks. The other two new Excellents are sired by Accolade-Red and Fremont, from the Redrose and Paradise familys.

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 4E
June 6, 2014
Redrose passes

One of the greatest cows in the Holstein industry and a true icon for the Red & White breed, Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96 4E passed away yesterday at the age of 14. A sad day for owners Mark and Nicky Rueth who developed this tremendous Rubens daughter into a two-time Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo. Today, her legacy lives on through the daughters and granddaughters that continue to impress at Rosedale and worldwide.

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexington EX-95
March 31, 2014
Lexington wins Grand of the Mideast Spring National

Rosedale Lexington was named first place Aged Cow, Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the 2014 Mideast Spring National Holstein Show held Saturday, March 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Congratulations to the Rosedale team!

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96
March 24, 2014
Successful Rosedale Tag Sale

Rosedale Tag Sale had a huge success with 33 head sold with an average of $4,480 congrats to the Rueths. At the same time, Mark and Nicky Rueth also celebrated the 14th Birthday of Redrose.
Visit their profile. 

March 20, 2014
Rosedale Lexington is now EX-95

Rosedale Lexington scores EX-95. Lexington was named All-American Five-Year-Old 2013 and two times Reserve All-American, she also won the five-year-old class at the WDE 2013. Congratulations to her owners Rosedale Genetics. READ MORE 

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexington EX-94 EEEEE
February 3, 2014
Lexington named All-American!

The results are in... Rosedale Lexington EX-94 EEEEE was named All-American Five-Year-Old 2013! Rosedale Lexington won the five-year-old class at this year’s International Holstein Show and was part of the impressive Goldwyn domination. Lexington is a two-time Reserve All-American. Backed by a very strong pedigree, Lexington’s dam is a VG-89 Cousteau daughter of Rosedale Lea-Ann EX-93 2E GMD who is also the granddam of Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96 4E. Watch for Lexington in the upcoming ShowSpots competition in the Spring 2014 issue of Hotspots!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexington EX-94
October 17, 2013
New photo of Lexington!

New photo of Rosedale Lexington the first place five-year-old of the 2013 International Holstein Show! Lexington is the Excellent-94 Goldwyn daughter of VG-89 Cousteau Lexi and was Reserve All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2011 and Reserve All-American Junior 2-Year-Old in 2010.

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexington EX-94 - 2x Reserve All-American
September 19, 2013
New photo of Lexington

New photo of Rosedale Lexington! Lexington is the Excellent-94 Goldwyn daughter of VG-89 Cousteau Lexi and was Reserve All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2011 and Reserve All-American Junior 2-Year-Old in 2010. Lexington is fresh again... watch for her at Madison!

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96
August 21, 2013
Huge Red Show Potential!

The Holsteins Plaza Online Embryo Auction offers two amazing Red Show Lots! Selling in the Online Embryo Auction are embryos from the Great Redrose Cowfamily! Both lots are sired by a son of KHW Regiment Apple-Red, so these lots combine the genetics of two of the most succesful R&W Show cows of the last decade!

  • Lot 7 Armani *RC x Rosedale Tea-Rose EX-94 EEEEE @ 4-08 | Armani (GTPI+2138 +3.41T) embryos from REDROSE her EX-94 Redliner granddaughter! HUGE Show Potential!
  • Lot 11 Ability *RC x Rosedale With Distinction EX-91 EX-MS @ 3-08 | Ability (+3.77T) embryos from the SHOTTLE daughter of REDROSE!
February 18, 2013
Classification Highlights from Rosedale!

On February 7, Rosedale received a visit from the classifier. 
The Lexis continue to impress:

  • Lacquer scored EX-92 - 4th Goldwyn x Lexi to score EX-92
  • Luck With A Kiss scored VG-87 - Aftershock x VG-88 Advent x Lexi
  • Hopeless Romantic scored VG-85 - Demello x EX-92 Goldwyn Liberty x Lexi

Accolade’s daughters had a big day:

  • Precisionist*RC scored EX-90 - 1st Accolade at Rosedale to score EX
  • Ivanka*RC VG-86 - Accolade x EX Affirmed x VG-88 Durham x Ideal
  • Cost of Freedom*RC VG-85 - Accolade x EX-92 Dundee x EX-92 Paradise4

Redrose’s offspring continue to excel:

  • Golden Girl*RC scored EX-90 - Goldwyn x Redrose
  • Rosebud-Red scored EX-92 - Advent x VG-88 Sept Storm x Redrose
  • Tenacious Rose*RC scored VG-87 - *RC Goldwyn x Durham x Redrose

Click here for more!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red EX-94
December 21, 2012
All-American Nominations for Rosedale!

• Nominated All-American 125,000 lb Cow: 
   Midway-How-El Drhm Roxy EX-94
• Nominated All-American R&W 4-Year-Old:
   Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red EX-94

• Nominated All-American R&W Summer Yearling: Rosedale Lucky-Rose Red
• Nominated All-American R&W Junior Best 3 Females: Lucky-Rose, Serephena and 2 Hot 2 Handle

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Crown of Thorns *RC VG-87
December 12, 2012
New photo of CROWN OF THORNS

New photo of the Very Good-87 *RC Sanchez daughter of REDROSE! Selling from Crown of Thorns in the current Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are Alchemy embryos... RED SHOW CALVES! Maternal sister to the embryos was first place summer yearling at the 2012 Grand International Red & White Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo.

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 4E
November 29, 2012
Classification Highlights from Rosedale!

REDROSE's offspring continue to impress!
Winning Colors *RC, Shottle x Redrose, scored EX-92, 2nd lact @ 3-08
With Distinction*RC, Shottle x Redrose, scored EX-91, 2nd lact @ 3-08
Game Face*RC, Sanchez x Redrose, scored EX-91, 2nd lact @ 3-05
Golden Girl*RC, Goldwyn x Redrose, scored VG-89, 2nd lact @ 3-08
Crown of Thorns*RC, Sanchez x Redrose, scored VG-87, 2nd lact @ 3-05

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Tenacious Rose-ET *RC VG-85-2YR
October 9, 2012
New Photo of Tenacious Rose *RC

Rosedale Tenacious Rose *RC VG-85-2YR is the Goldwyn granddaughter of REDROSE and has Redburst embryos selling on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction... click here for more details!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red ... 2nd place four-year-old, Grand International Red & White Show 2012
October 6, 2012
Tea-Rose named 2nd Four-Year-Old

Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red the Excellent-94 Redliner granddaughter of REDROSE placed second in a tremendous class of four-year-olds at yesterday's Grand International Red & White Holstein Show. SELLING on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are Armani embryos direct from Tea-Rose.

Click to enlarge -
August 7, 2012
Classification Highlights from Rosedale

Two Cows NOW EX-94:
Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red, (Redliner X Durham X REDROSE)
Midway How-El Drhm Roxy, (Durham X EX Champion X VG-87 LIndy X RAVEN)!

Four NEW Excellents:
Rosedale Legendary Princess, EX-90, EX-92 MS (Stormatic x LEXI)
Rosedale Winning Colors*RC, EX-90- EX-91 MS (Shottle X REDROSE)
Rosedale With Distinction*RC, EX-90- EX-91 MS, (Shottle X REDROSE)
Rosedale Look-A-Like*RC, EX-90, EX-91 MS, (Advent X EX-93 Leader X BLACKROSE)

Some exciting granddaughter’s of REDROSE:
Rhianna-Rose of Rosedale*RC, VG-87 88MS (Destry X EX-92 Advent X REDROSE)
Rosedale Tenacious-Rose*RC, VG-85 86MS (Goldwyn X Durham X REDROSE)
MS Starmark Racey-Red, VG-87 88MS (Contender X VG-89 Talent Riley X EX-94 Renita Ranger)

The PARADISE’s are developing as well:
Rosedale Pussy Cat Doll, EX-92 92MS (Dundee X EX-92 Paradise-2)
Rosedale Swift Temper, VG-87 87MS (Shottle X EX-90 Cousteau X PARADISE)

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lexington EX-92, HM Intermediate Champion, WDE 2011
July 24, 2012
Extreme All-American TYPE

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are Bradnick (#1 Genomic Type Sire) embryos from the 2x Reserve All-American Goldwyn Lexington! Back by the tremendous BLACKROSE family, Lexington was the HM Intermediate Champion this past year at World Dairy Expo. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Click to enlarge -
July 9, 2012
Unique Offering from HM AA *RC Goldwyn x Redrose

Four #1 grade SEXED Acme and four #1 Damion embryos sell in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction from the *RC Goldwyn daughter of Redrose and the HHM All-American Junior 2-Year-Old in 2011. Click here for more details!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Accolade EX-95
May 25, 2012
Accolade now EX-95!

Rosedale Accolade, the Advent son of REDROSE (EX-96 4E) went EX-95 at five-years-old. Contact Rosedale for semen.

Click to enlarge -
March 26, 2012
Classification Highlights for Rosedale Genetics

Rosedale Genetics did a limited classification earlier today with these exciting results!

Lavander Ruby REDROSE is now EX-96 4E
Daughters scored:
• Gotta Have Her *RC VG-88,1st lact. (Sanchez)
• Game Face *RC, VG-88, 1st lact. (Sanchez)
• Asperated Rose *RC, VG-87, 1st lact (Jasper)
• Golden Girl *RC, VG-86, 1st lact (Goldwyn)
Granddaughters scored:
• Rosebud-Red,EX-90, 2nd lact- VG-88, Advent x Sept Storm x REDROSE
• Tea-Rose-Red, EX-92, 3rd lact- Redliner x Durham x REDROSE
• Rhianna-Rose *RC, VG-85, 1st lact-fresh 12 days, Destry x EX-92 Advent x REDROSE
Another GREAT day for LEXI
Daughters scored:
• Liberty, EX-92, 2nd lact (Goldwyn)
• Leona, EX-92, 2nd lact (Goldwyn)
• Lagoona, VG-87, 2nd lact (Pronto)


Click to enlarge - Redrose opening a present (bale of hay) on 12th Birthday!
March 20, 2012
REDROSE'S 12th Birthday!

Mark and Nicky of Rosedale shared a few photos from Redrose's 12th Birthday party yesterday and she can open a present with the best of 'em! Happy belated Birthday to one of the most famous red cows of the breed ... REDROSE!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Gold-Mine-ET *RC VG-89-2YR • HM All-American Jr 2-Yr-Old 2011
March 6, 2012
From HM All-American GOLD-MINE

Watch the video of Rosedale Gold-Mine-ET *RC placing third in the Junior Two-Year-Old Class at World Dairy Expo 2011! Here is your OPPORTUNITY for the next show winner... Windhammer embryos direct from Gold-Mine! Click here for more details.

Click to enlarge -
February 1, 2012
Rosedale's 2011 All-Americans

Rosedale Lexington EX-92 was named the 2011 Reserve All-American Junior 3-Year-old and Rosedale Gold Mine VG-89 is the 2011 HHM All-American Junior 2-Year-Old. Congratulations to Mark and Nicky of Rosedale Genetics!

Click to enlarge - Lavendar Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 3E
December 20, 2011
GREAT DAY for Redrose Offspring!

Rosedale Genetics did a limited classification last Friday with some exciting highlights to report. It was a great day for REDROSE, EX-96 3E, leading off was her Goldwyn daughter, Gold-Mine, scoring VG-89. Gold-Mine is nominated All-American Junior 2-Yr-Old.
Two Shottle daughters, Winning Colors and With Distinction, both scored VG-88, three Sanchez daughters, Gotta Have Her VG-87, Game Face and Crown of Thorns both scored VG-86 and a daughter by Jasper, Asperated-Rose, scored VG-86 and another Goldwyn, V.Gold, scored VG-85, all these daughter are in their first lactation. A granddaughter of REDROSE by Distrigene went EX-90. Our 1st milking Accolade (Advent X REDROSE) went VG-85, Precisionist*RC.

Click to enlarge -
December 8, 2011
All-American Nominations at Rosedale

Two golden roses of Rosedale have secured 2011 All-American nominations! Rosedale Lexington-ET EX-92-3YR the Goldwyn daughter of Lexi was 2nd Junior 3-Yr-Old at the 2011 International Holstein Show and receives her second nomination named Reserve All-American Junior 2-Yr-Old in 2010. Rosedale Gold-Mine-ET VG-88-2YR receives her first nomination and is the *RC Goldwyn daughter of Supreme Champion, Redrose! Gold-Mine was 3rd Junior 2-Yr-Old at the 2011 International Holstein Show!

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Gold Mine-ET *RC VG-88-2YR • 3rd Jr 2-Yr-Old, International Holstein Show 2011
October 14, 2011
Supreme Genetics from a 'Golden' Rose

Here is your opportunity to get the best from All-American sweetheart, Redrose! Selling as Lot 2 (click here) in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are Mr Savage embryos from the VG-85-2YR *RC Goldwyn daughter of Redrose. Full sister (pictured), Rosedale Gold Mine-ET, was 3rd Junior 2-Year-Old at the International Holstein Show last week!

Click to enlarge -
October 10, 2011
Rosedale Lexington named HM Intermediate Champion

Rosedale Lexington-ET, a Goldwyn daughter of Lexi and from the Blackrose family was 2nd Junior 3-Year-Old and HM intermediate Champion of the 2011 International Holstein Show! Congratulations to Rosedale Genetics. Selling on the October Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are 4 #1 Braxton embryos from Lexington's full sister VG-88-2YR Leona.

Click to enlarge -
September 23, 2011
Rosedale Tag Sale Catalog Updated!

The Rosedale Tag Sale begins on Sunday, Sept 25. Click here to view the online catalog updated with prices and a full embryo inventory listing at the end of the catalog!

Click to enlarge -
September 21, 2011
Rosedale Tag Sale Catalog NOW ONLINE

The Rosedale Tag Sale catalog is now online and runs Sunday, Sept. 25 through Sunday, Oct. 9.

Click to enlarge -
September 14, 2011
Exciting Rosedale Classification Updates

As Mark and Nicky gear up for the Rosedale Tag Sale they have a few exciting updates following yesterday's classification... Click here for the results!

Click to enlarge - Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96 4E
August 19, 2011
Redrose named Wisconsin Cow of the Year

Congratulations to Mark Rueth and Nicky Reape on Lavendar Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 being named 2011 Wisconsin Cow of the Year. In 2005, Redrose became the first Red and White to win Supreme Champion honors and two years later repeated as Grand Champion of the International Red & White Holstein Show. Click here for more stats on Redrose!

Click to enlarge -
August 17, 2011
Holstein Plaza welcomes Rosedale Genetics!

Home of Supreme Champions! Rosedale owned and operated by Mark Rueth and Nicky Reape is home to some of the breed's most elite type genetics and winners on the tanbark. A visit to the Rosedale herd will surely impress every dairy cattle breeder with the quality cattle and the second-to-none care they receive. Mark your calendars... Mark and Nicky invite you to the farm for the Rosedale Genetics Tag Sale - Sept. 25 thru Oct. 9, 2011. Stay tuned for more tag sale details...