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 Comfort Thrlr Fortune Rosa 
Registration No.


Date of Birth

October 11, 2017


US 12/18 GTPI +2783 / NM $ 858 / PTAT +2.35 Details


+2886G Fortune daughter back to SULLY SHOTTLE MAY

Genomic transmitting cow family!

Highest daughter of Royal to date

Top Ranking Fortune daughter


She is due in December and looks fantastic!
S-S-I Montross Jedi 3123886035
Peak Marq A1 942-ET 3126668032
Daughter to the high transmitting genomic powerhouse Marquisse
Dam of Jedi Royal
Extended Pedigree

3rd Dam: Bryhill Ransom Marquisse-ET GP-83-2YR DOM

2-02 2x 365d 27,990lbM 4.6% 1,278F 3.6% 995P
Sons at Alta, Accelerated, CRV

4th Dam: Sully Robust 720-ET GP-83-2YR-CAN VG-MS 1*

2-01 2x 365d 33,360lbM 4.0% 1,325F 3.4% 1,140P
4-00 3x 353d 33,100lbM 3.6% 1,190F 3.5% 1,149P
Maternal sister to MERIDIAN

5th Dam: Sully Planet Manitoba-ET VG-85-CAN DOM 17*

2-03 365d 33,290lbM 3.9% 1,305F 3.3% 1,105P
4-01 365d 43,669lbM 3.6% 1,565F 3.2% 1,402P
Dam of Munition and Meridian
Fantastic Brood Cow

6th Dam: Sully Shottle May-TW EX-91-USA DOM

2-02 3x 365d 34,110lbM 3.2% 1,096F 3.3% 1,131P
Dam of: Moonboy, McCutchen, altaMeteor, Mayfield
Granddam to MERIDIAN

7th Dam: Ms Sully Oman Muetze-ET EX-90

3-08 2x 330d 32,851lbM 3.8% 1,263F 3.3% 1,089P

8th Dam: Johnan Marshall Mint VG-85 VG-MS

5-02 2x 365d 40,100lbM 3.0% 1,221F 3.1% 1,243P
Life: 1541d 124,180lbM 3.1% 3,880F 3.3% 4,059P

9th Dam: Poly-Kow Durham Mincy-ET VG-88 VG-MS

5-02 2x 365d 40,100lbM 3.0% 1,221F 3.1% 1,243P
Life: 1541d 124,180lbM 3.1% 3,880F 3.3% 4,059P

10th Dam: Poly-Kow Rudolph Mink-ET VG-86 GMD DOM

2-00 2x 365d 29,291lbM 3.6% 1,054F 3.4% 988P

11th Dam: Poly-Kow Lindy Mindy-ET VG-88 GMD DOM

3-08 2x 365d 39,551lbM 4.0% 1,590F 3.0% 1,175P
Life: 2057d 150,290lbM 3.9% 5,820F 3.0% 4,556P

12th Dam: Footprint Nick Milan VG-89 GMD DOM

5-10 2x 365d 34,531lbM 4.1% 1,431F 3.3% 1,129P

13th Dam: Footprint Mazda Command VG-85 GMD DOM

3-03 2x 305d 30,280lbM 4.2% 1,270F 3.2% 959P

14th Dam: Footprint Ned Boy Mercedes VG-85

Life: 2085d 134,700lbM 3.5% 4,772F 2.8% 3,760P

15th Dam: Footprint Cor-Vel Madonna-TW VG-85

4-03 2x 350d 19,520lbM 3.5% 684F 2.9% 560P